Black Friday 2018

(San Diego, CA) Black Friday signals in the holiday season.  Specifically, it signals in the shopping, along with, the wish lists.  Furthermore, it is estimated that more than 180 million shoppers take part in, Black Friday.  A leading website for refurbished electronics products, also, conducted its own survey.  The results are essential for Black Friday 2018.  The website was, and, the calculated results of the survey follow. is owned by ecoATM Gazelle.  On one hand, the website for ecoATM is  On the other hand, is a popular online marketplace where sellers and consumers meet.  The meeting of sellers and consumers is to facilitate the purchase of refurbished, or previously owned, electronic devices.  Furthermore and for the online marketplace, ecoATM operates kiosks in shopping malls, or, retail locations across the U.S.A.  They report more than 3,000 ecoATM kiosks.

Returning to, Black Friday 2018.  The survey; which was conducted by, is for consumers that are looking to buy new electronics devices.  The calculated results are in.  First, 44% of the people who were surveyed are looking to purchase a smartphone; in general.  Second, 23% are looking to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy.  Third, 21% are looking to purchase a new iPhone.  Fourth, 17% of the people who were surveyed are looking to purchase an Apple Watch.  Fifth, 16% are looking to purchase a new iPad.  Sixth, 14% of the people who were surveyed are looking to purchase a MacBook.  There are also odd calculated results.  The odd results include the following.  For example, there are consumers who are looking to receive an electronics device as a gift; 30%.  Additionally, 12% of the people who were surveyed are “holding out” for a discounted smartphone.  Lastly, 16% are looking for a bargain, or discounted price, on a tablet computer.  Obviously, ecoATM Gazelle took heed of its own survey, and, prepared things accordingly on  The latter released; “Countdown to Black Friday Promotional Offers,” and, “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials.”  Under the countdown to Black Friday category; and for November 8th to the 12th, 2018 all iMacs have a $50 dollar discount.  For November 8th to the 11th, 2018 all iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have a 20% discount.  For November 16th to the 28th, 2018 all Galaxy 8 and S8 smartphones have a $50 dollar discount.  Under the Black Friday, and, Cyber Monday category there are six listed discounts.  The discounts are valid from November 23rd to the 26th, 2018.  The first discount offer, is 10% off storewide.  The second discount offer, is 25% off iPhone X.  The third discount offer, is 30% off iPhone 8 Plus.  The fourth discount offer, is 15% off iPhone 7 Plus.  The fifth discount offer, is 30% off select MacBook Pro and MacBook.  The sixth and last discount offer, is 30% off iPad 3 and iPad 4.   

To end, ecoATM Gazelle did release a press statement.  Yanyan Ji is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and General Manager of E-commerce at ecoATM Gazelle.  Through a press statement, Mr. Ji said the following.  “While some consumers want the newest models, many are looking for the best deals, so Gazelle is making sure that their top five wish list items are available at even lower prices with competitive pre-Black Friday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.”  Yanyan Ji also said, “Certified previously-owned devices are a smart option for consumers looking to fulfill their holiday shopping on a budget.”   As previously stated, conducted an essential survey for Black Friday 2018.  The results have been calculated and made available.  Lastly, it is estimated that more than 180 million shoppers take part in, Black Friday.


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