Zag America, LLC Launches on the Cartoon Network a New Cartoon TV Series

(Santa Monica, CA) Recent advancements in the rendering process of cartoons, has now allowed the development of C.G.I. hybrid animation.  Additionally, the use of the C.G.I. hybrid technique is extremely popular in the animation sub-genres; action and comedy.  Recently; an independent entertainment studio, which was founded in the Country of France in the year 2009, revealed the following.  What it revealed is that, it has experienced success with, C.G.I. hybrid animation.  Additionally, Zag America, LLC also revealed that, it has successfully developed an animated television series using C.G.I. hybrid animation.  Specifically; Zag America is all set and ready to launch, Power Players, on the Cartoon Network.  Playmates Toys has been named by, Zag America, the Master Toy Licensee.

          The agreement that makes Playmates Toys Limited; the Master Toy Licensee, is the first between this toy company, and, Zag America, LLC.  A second first occurrence, is the launch of an animated television series.  The previously said, will be launched by Zag America, on the Cartoon Network.  The Cartoon Network’s secured broadcast rights, means that, Power Players will be débuted sometime in the year 2019.  The broadcast rights are for the regions; E.M.E.A., A.P.A.C. and the United States of America.  E.M.E.A. is the abbreviation for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  A.P.A.C. is an acronym that includes the region of the Western Pacific Ocean.  The majority of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania are included in the region of the Western Pacific Ocean.  Specifically, Power Players was developed by Jeremy Zag.  Mr. Zag is a director, and, a music composer.  He is also the Founder of Zag America, LLC.  Additionally the business, Man of Action Entertainment, is the writer of this animated television series.  Furthermore, On Entertainment, LLC is the co-producer.  Liz Grampp is the Senior Vice President of Studio and Franchise Marketing at Zag America, LLC.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Grampp said the following.  “We love their proven success in building audiences with action-comedy formats.  They have embraced the high quality visuals that set Power Players apart.  In addition, we’re so lucky to have Playmates Toys, who brings a wealth of experience developing boys’ action toys from original IP, growing brands into hot toy franchises with long-term success.  Together with our long time collaborators Man of Action and OnEntertainment, we have a strong team behind this break-out storytelling.”  Liz Grampp also said; “ZAG is thrilled to partner with the incredible team at Cartoon Network.” 

          The premise of the soon to be débuted animated television series, Power Players, is as follows.  Axel is a normal boy, with a surprisingly special ability.  Axel is able to transform, into, a toy size action hero.  He is also able to put together, a team of heroes, who are also toys.  As a member of this team of toy heroes, Axel experiences the world through a different perspective; a toy’s perspective.  Ultimately, Power Players is the complete story of all of Axel’s adventures.  This animated television series, also intends, to promote camaraderie and teamwork in children. 

          To end, Karl Aaronian is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Playmates Toys Limited.  Through a press statement, Mr. Aaronian said the following.  “Playmates Toys is elated to be working with ZAG to bring the heroes of the series to life off-screen.  With a deep-rooted history in the boys’ action category, we look forward to developing an innovative line of toys that captures the action and adventure of the series and provides kids with imaginative play experiences.”  As previously stated; Zag America, LLC recently revealed that, it is launching an animated television series, on the Cartoon Network.  The animated television series is entitled, Power Players.  Specifically, the latter incorporates the technique, C.G.I. hybrid animation.  Lastly, Playmates Toys has been named by, Zag America, the Master Toy Licensee.



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