eBay Adds Installation Services

(San Jose, CA) It looks like the hugely popular online bidding marketplace, eBay, will continue to grow.  In fact, eBay reports that they have more than 1 billion items listed on their bidding marketplace; currently.  The continued growth of the aforementioned business, is due to the fact that, they are adding installation services.  The latter, will be part of the checkout process.  Additionally, the installation services are made possible, as a result of, business partnerships.  Handy, Porch and Installer Net; have all agreed to provide installation services to eBay customers.   

            Alyssa Steele is the Vice President of Merchandising at eBay.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Steele said the following.  “A massive amount of home and electronic items are sold on eBay daily, many of which require professional installation.  With these new partnerships, we’re able to combine our incredible selection of inventory with easy access to affordable and trusted service professionals, making eBay a one-stop shop for our customers.” 

            Returning to, eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:  EBAY).  The aforementioned business, is a global leader in commerce.  Through the eBay bidding marketplace, millions of sellers are connected to buyers; around the world.  This business was founded in the year 1995, in San Jose, California U.S.A.  Since then, this hugely popular and exciting shopping destination reports the following facts.  To start, eBay has 177 million active buyers worldwide.  Second, 64% of transactions involve a mobile touch point.  Third, 71% of the purchased items ship for free in the U.S.A., UK and Germany.  Fourth, 80% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new.  Fifth, 89% of items are sold through the “Buy It Now,” option.  Sixth, 66% of eBay purchased items in the U.S.A. are delivered within three business days.  Seventh, eBay reports about 429 million downloads of the eBay App; worldwide.  Eighth and last, in the year 2017, eBay reached the benchmark of $88.4 billion in gross merchandise volume. 

            Returning to; Handy, Porch and Installer Net.  The aforementioned businesses offer a wide variety of services.  As previously said, they are now in a business partnership with eBay.  For the business partnership, they will provide installation services, as part of the checkout process.  Handy is a provider of home services.  They are also recognized for changing the way, installations services are done.  Specifically, they offer a wide variety of home related services.  Home cleaning, television mounting, smart home setup and furniture assembly are examples of the services that are provided by Handy.  This business is headquartered out of New York City, U.S.A.  Additionally, it is a national business.  Porch is a home services platform.  They are recognized for changing the way homeowners complete their projects.  Specifically, they are a network of skilled and trustworthy professionals.  Porch does the management and coordination; additionally, they also establish the up front costs and fixed prices.  Homeowners who use Porch also receive a quality guarantee, along with, a project delivery that is on time and on budget.  This business is headquartered out of Seattle.  Installer Net is a home service platform.  They are recognized for operating a network of independent small businesses.  Specifically, Installer Net coordinates the installation of consumer and commercial electronics products.  From here, an independent installation business, from the network, finishes the installation project.  This business is headquartered out of North Andover, Massachusetts. 

            To end and as previously stated, it looks like eBay will continue to grow.  Currently, they report more than 1 billion items on their online bidding marketplace.  The continued growth, is due to the fact that, they are adding installation services.  The installation services will be available, as part of the checkout process.  Lastly; Handy, Porch and Installer Net are all onboard as business partners of eBay.  Specifically, these aforementioned businesses will perform and complete the installation service.



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