Lionsgate Signs Brian Goldsmith to a Long Term Deal

(Santa Monica, CA) Executive level talent is needed, in order, to operate a global media company.  Lionsgate is known for developing content that is original, daring and innovative.  Furthermore, they follow the consumer patterns, to be able, to have a worldwide consumer base.  Recently, Lionsgate announced that they have signed an executive, to a long term deal.  Brian Goldsmith is the executive, and it is obvious that, Lionsgate keeps executive level talent.

Brian Goldsmith has been at Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B) for about 11 years.  The announced long term deal, is to keep Mr. Goldsmith as the Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.) of the previously mentioned media company.  Brian Goldsmith, attended and earned a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.  He began his professional career as a financial analyst, at Merrill Lynch.  After Merrill Lynch, he worked at Sony Pictures.  At Sony Pictures, he performed the duties of financial analyst and strategic planner.  Brian Goldsmith moved on to Mandate Pictures.  At Mandate Pictures; he performed the duties of Chief Operating Officer, and, Chief Financial Officer.  In the year 2007, Mandate Pictures was purchased by Lionsgate.  As a result, Brian Goldsmith became a part of the Lionsgate team.  As the Chief Operating Officer, Brian Goldsmith has played a pivotal role, in the development and growth of the modern Lionsgate.  For example and recently, Mr. Goldsmith helped complete the acquisition of the cable television channel, Starz.  This occurred around December 2016.  The purchase of Good Universe, a production and distribution company, also had Mr. Goldsmith playing an important role in it.  For Summit Entertainment, and their cable television channel, Pop Network.  He helped orchestrate the agreement with CBS.  For the continent of Asia, he helped with the successful launch of Celestial Tiger Entertainment.  Lastly, Brian Goldsmith was instrumental in the sale of the cable television channel, Epix. 

To end, Lionsgate did release a press statement.  Jon Feltheimer is the Chief Executive Officer of Lionsgate.  Through a press statement, Mr. Jon Feltheimer said the following.  “Brian is a key member of the team that has built our Company into a diversified global content supplier through a combination of organic growth, strategic acquisitions and incubation of new businesses.  He will continue to play a leadership role in deciding how we allocate our resources and deploy our content in today’s dynamic operating environment in order to remain a unique and valuable part of our media ecosystem.”  As previously stated, Lionsgate announced that they have signed Brian Goldsmith, to a long term deal.  Mr. Goldsmith will continue to be the Chief Operating Officer. 


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