The Hotel Triton in San Francisco Has Been Renovated

(San Francisco, CA) The opulence and prestige of the Grant Avenue Corridor, is well known to any resident of San Francisco, California U.S.A.  Furthermore, it is at the center of San Francisco’s Financial District.  In recent history, projects and efforts to make the “New Grant Avenue Corridor,” have been undertaken.  The renovation of the Hotel Triton is, an example of the previously said.  Additionally, the $6 million USD renovation, is indeed, a complete transformation.  Lastly; the transformation is the vision of Liubasha Rose, and, the Rose Ink Workshop.

            The Hotel Triton has earned its reputation, in San Francisco, for being a hotel with its own unique style.  The building, of the hotel was built in 1913.  Furthermore, the hotel opened its doors for business, in the same year.  The Hotel Triton, officially re-launched or re-opened in the year 2018.  This would be 105 years of existence, for this particular hotel.  Throughout this time, this hotel has been known to explorers and travelers alike, as the place with lifestyle amenities.  There are 140 hotel guestrooms and suites.  For the renovation project, it was one year of continuous and arduous work.  Overall, the renovation project reached a cost of $6,000,000 dollars.  Furthermore, everything kept pace with the re-shaping, and re-imagining, of San Francisco’s Financial District.  In other words, it is part of the New Grant Avenue Corridor. 

            As previously said; the transformation of the Hotel Triton is the vision of Liubasha Rose, and, the Rose Ink Workshop.  Obviously, Liubasha Rose is the Owner of the Rose Ink Workshop.  For the Hotel Triton; Ms./Mrs. Rose attempted a contemporary re-design, all whilst, staying true to the historic elements of the building.  In fact, during construction a mural was discovered behind a wall.  The mural was painted by an impressionist artist, Jon Oshanna; sometime in the 1940’s.  The mural is a depiction of Mission Dolores.  The latter is a California Mission, in the City of San Francisco.  Additionally, Mission Dolores is considered to be the oldest building in the city.  Liubasha Rose did release a press statement.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Rose said the following.  “For the Hotel Triton we are thrilled to have been able to stay true to the property’s cultural legacy while creating a bastion of worldly culture and local artifacts. Just steps away from the hustle and bustle of the busy San Francisco streets, the Hotel Triton serves as a refuge, and with our décor choices a space that successfully brings together the comfort of home combined with the style and sophistication of a boutique hotel.”

            From here the team from Rose Ink Workshop did the rest.  The website for the Rose Ink Workshop is,  To start, the Rose Ink Workshop team successfully highlighted the cultural legacy of the Hotel Triton.  The previously said, was done through the well executed choices, for the décor.  The hotel lobby is an example, of the previously mentioned.  The hotel lobby now has a Bordiglio marble floor, wood ceiling beams and a custom glass-blown chandelier.  Furthermore and also in the lobby; there is also a display case with minerals from different parts of the world, along with, a special collection of Nigerian Yoruba Crowns.  Lastly, for the hallways and staircase, Ms./Mrs. Rose used her own personal photographs.  The photographs are in large scale print format, and, they decorate the walls.  The new carpet also complements the photographs, with a bold pattern that, reminds the hotel guest of a feeling of discovery.

            This particular hotel, Hotel Triton, does check-in at 3:00 pm.  Additionally, check-out is at 12:00 pm.  This hotel; is also considered to be the type of hotel that is the essence of boutique hospitality, is a San Francisco experience, is conveniently located near upscale shopping and is an immersion of culture.  Furthermore, this hotel is a boutique hotel.  The Hotel Triton, is located on 342 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108.  The telephone number is (415) 394-0500.  The website is 

            To end and as previously stated, the Hotel Triton has been renovated.  Additionally, this hotel is located in San Francisco, California U.S.A.  The renovation cost is revealed to be, $6 million USD.  Furthermore; the end result, post-renovation, is a complete transformation of the hotel property.  The transformation is the vision and arduous work of Liubasha Rose, and, the Rose Ink Workshop.  Lastly, everything kept pace with the “New Grant Avenue Corridor” effort. 



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