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(San Francisco, CA) The leader of online groceries in North America, launches another essential service.  The previously said, moves farther ahead, compared to competition.  Specifically, is now moving forward with a, click and collect, grocery service.  The new service is named, Instacart Pickup.  Incidentally, is owned by Maplebear, Inc.

            Instacart Pickup is for the moment in select participating cities, and, for participating retail stores.  Technically; it allows online grocery shoppers the ability to shop for fresh produce, meat, seafood and other kitchen essentials.  The customer has to choose a participating retail store, and, the transaction is completed by the participating retail store.  To start shopping, the customer logs in into  There is also an Instacart App.  Once inside, the city and participating retail store has to be selected.  Once the customer is finished shopping, he or she, chooses a delivery window, or, a pick-up window.  The pick-up window is the new, “Instacart Pickup.”  When the participating retail store has the groceries ready, then, the customer receives an in app notification.  From here, the customer has to send the participating retail store a notification.  This is to notify the personal shopper, at the store, that the customer is on the way.  Once the customer arrives at the location of the participating retail store, the personal shopper takes the groceries to the customer’s car.  The service is free for members of Instacart Express. 

            Nilam Ganenthiran is the Chief Business Officer of  Through a press statement, Mr. Ganenthiran said the following.  “In our house, sometimes the ritual of going to the grocery store is inspiring and helps us meal plan for the week.  Other times, we’re busy and can’t get to the store, so delivery makes life easier for us.  For families that are out and about and running errands, a pickup solution might be a better fit for their family rhythm.  I’m excited to work with our existing retail partners to now offer Instacart Pickup and look forward to adding more beloved grocers over the coming months and expanding this service to even more families.”  Nilam Ganenthiran also said.  “We want to make grocery shopping effortless by helping our customers get the groceries they need from the retailers they love.  Our customers want choice and we’re excited to now offer the pickup option they’ve been asking for.

            Returning to, Instacart’s new online grocery service, the aforementioned is named Instacart Pickup.  It is reported that, is accessible to more than 70% of the households in the U.S.A.  Additionally; more than 50% of the households in the Country of Canada, also have access to the Instacart internet service.  This business partners with more than 15,000 participating retail stores; grocery stores are included.  Furthermore, the previous figure is for 4,000 cities in Canada and the U.S.A.  This business also reports, a loyal customer base of 70,000 shoppers.  The launch of Instacart Pickup, is still expected to take a few more months to complete.  In fact, is saying that, it will continue the roll-out well into the year 2019.  The initial launch is in, or for, 7 major cities in the U.S.A.  The major cities are Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Francisco and Washington D.C.  Additionally, these major cities are then divided, into, 25 key markets.  For these 25 key markets, there are almost 200 participating retail stores.  It is said that, has now strengthened existing business partnerships.  The previously mentioned, is to help ensure that Instacart Pickup, is indeed a success.  The strengthened business partnerships are with ALDI, Club Foods, Food Lion, Price Chopper, Publix, Schnucks, Smart & Final, Sprouts, Tops Friendly Markets and Wegmans.

            To end, Tops Friendly Markets did release a press statement.  Top Friendly Markets is one of the participating retail stores that, has recently strengthened its business partnership with, for the launch of Instacart Pickup.  Ed Rick is the Director of Consumer Marketing & Digital at Tops Friendly Markets.  Through a press statement, Mr. Rick said the following.  “We’re proud to offer our customers more ways to get the groceries they need when they want them.  Instacart Pickup is the perfect option for busy Tops customers who are on-the-go and want the flexibility and convenience to shop when and how they want while still getting access to the Tops groceries they love.”  As previously stated, the leader of online groceries in North America has launched Instacart Pickup.  The latter, is a click and collect grocery service.  Additionally, is seemingly moving forward, without any visible competition.  Maplebear, Inc. is the owner, of the previously mentioned business.



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