Thor Trucks Wins Auto Mobility LA 2018 Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition

(Los Angeles, CA) Recognition by other industry professionals is crucial, and extremely important, for startup businesses in the automotive industry.  In order to help, the organizers of the Los Angeles Auto Show and Auto Mobility LA started, the Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition.  Additionally, this year’s competition is the fifth annual installment.  The winner of the 5th Annual Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition is, Thor Trucks.  The aforementioned business, received $15,000 USD in cash, and, recognition in front of the elite echelon of the automotive industry.  The recognition includes an exhibit space for the L.A. Auto Show. 

The Los Angeles Auto Show, and, Auto Mobility LA is the same thing.  However and specifically, Auto Mobility LA is the merger of the Los Angeles Auto Show’s Press & Trade Days with the Connected Car Expo.  For Auto Mobility LA, the automotive industry converges in Los Angeles and conducts important work.  The launch of new automotive products, the revealing of new automotive technologies and discussions of the most pressing issues to the automotive industry are examples of the important work; that is conducted during Auto Mobility LA.  Specifically and for the year 2018, Auto Mobility LA was held from November 26th to the 29th, 2018.  The Los Angeles Auto Show will be held on November 30th to December 9th, 2018.  The Los Angeles Convention Center is the home to both events.  The Los Angeles Auto Show is completely open to the public.

Returning to, Auto Mobility LA 2018.  Specifically, for the Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition there were three finalists.  The finalists were Thor Trucks, Carmera and What3words.  In order to win, the top three finalists have to conduct an impressive sales pitch, in front of, a panel of judges.  The panel is comprised of executives from Auto Mobility LA, and, executives from major companies in the automotive industry.  Automotive industry businesses that took part in the 2018 panel of judges are:  Audi; Mercedes-Benz; Plug and Play; Porsche Consulting; Sansea Consulting and Sirius XM.  Obviously, Thor Trucks made the most impressive sales pitch, and, won the competition.  After winning; Thor Trucks was recognized in front of members of the media, automotive industry professionals, auto manufacturers, technology executives, designers, developers, investors, auto dealers, government officials, analysts and other startup businesses.    

Manuela Papadopol is the C.E.O. of Designated Driver and an Auto Mobility LA Advisory Board Member.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Papadopol said the following.  “Thor Trucks has proven itself among some extremely distinguished competitors and we are excited to announce them as the winner of our 2018 Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition.  The Top Ten competition is one that continues to grow and we are always impressed by the number of submissions received every year.  We are happy to have a competition that helps promising startups continue to advance in the new mobility industry.”

Returning to the three finalist of the, 5th Annual Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition, of Auto Mobility LA 2018.  Terri Toennies is the General Manager and Executive Vice President of the Los Angeles Auto Show and Auto Mobility LA.  Through a press statement, Mr. Toennies said the following.  “The pioneering technologies and solutions of CARMERA, Thor Trucks and what3words have a real potential to impact the future of transportation.”  Terri Toennies also said, “We look forward to showcasing them and all of 2018’s Top Ten Automotive Startups at AutoMobility LA this week.”  Top three finalists Carmera, specializes in large scale and high definition maps for autonomous vehicles.  Furthermore, it is being recognized for building an extensive street intelligence platform.  For example, for professional fleets Carmera provides a video monitoring telematics service.  The service improves safety and productivity of high coverage vehicles, while on the road.  Carmera also works with local government.  The work with local government is to develop planning data, to be able, to have pedestrian density statistics.  The combination of everything and for the platform allows Carmera to keep precise, and constantly up to date, 3D maps.  Top three finalists Thor Trucks, is a manufacturer of fully electric semi trucks.  In fact, their first semi truck, the ET-one was developed in 6 months.  Thor Trucks also attempts to make electric trucks less expensive to purchase, and, easier to use for commercial reasons.  For the latter, it develops battery technology, which is specifically designed for commercial applications.  Furthermore, it also engineers a modular and connected platform.  The end result, is that Thor Trucks is ready for full scale production, for the early part of the year 2019.  Top three finalists What3words, develops solutions for mobility technologies.  This business focuses on the automotive industry, and, their business partners.  The business partners include:  Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, Navmii and Tom Tom.  Specifically, What3words has developed a voice input system.  The system allows for the development of a precise location, through a proprietary grid of 3m X 3m.  The individual square, has a unique “three word” address.  Therefore, the previously said is a voice input system, and, a solution for mobility technologies.

To end and as previously stated; the winner of the 5th Annual Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition is, Thor Trucks.  The previously mentioned competition is put on by the organizers of the Los Angeles Auto Show, and, Auto Mobility LA.  Thor Trucks received $15,000 USD in cash, and, recognition in front of the highest ranks of the automotive industry of the U.S.A.  The recognition also included an exhibit space in the auto show. 


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