Zoic Studios Options a Horror Novel’s Rights

(Culver City, CA) Zoic Studios options the literary rights of a horror novel, in an effort to, develop a feature film.  The novel is Snowblind, and, Christopher Golden is the author.  The aforementioned production and entertainment company, chose Amber Alexander, as the movie’s screenwriter.  Furthermore; the production team is assembled, complete and ready.  The objective is a feature film, which is worthy of movie theaters.

            Zoic Studios is based out of Culver City, California U.S.A.  Additionally, it has offices in New York City U.S.A., and, Vancouver British Columbia Canada.  Currently, it is mostly contracted for visual effects work.  To be specific; the visual effects work means the computer generated images that are used in movies, television shows, commercials and video games.  Zoic Studios has as its mission statement; to evolve the story, art and technology of the current film era.  The business reputation comes from being experts of 3D fields, compositing and production management.  As previously said, it has optioned the literary rights of a horror novel.  The novel is Snowblind.  Furthermore, it is the first full effort to develop video content, on the part of Zoic Studios.  The latter; was founded by Chris Jones, and, Loni Peristere.  Additionally, they are leading the way, and, removing all of the obstacles.  They are also combining their mission statement, with prior work projects; the end result should be something interesting.  Loni Peristere also leads with his credentials in hand.  Peristere, was a Co-executive Producer and Director for the television series, Banshee, on Cinemax.  His directorial credentials continue with American Horror Story, for FX.  A Series of Unfortunate Events for Netflix, along with, Warrior for Cinemax; are also included in the previously stated.  For Snowblind, the feature film, the production team has been assembled.  The composition of the production team starts with the screenwriter, Amber Alexander.  Then it continues with Christopher Golden, and, Pete Donaldson; the producers.  Lastly, the team roster ends with Samantha Shear, the Vice President of Development. 

            Chris Jones is a Co-Founder and the Executive Creative Director at Zoic Studios.  Through a press statement, Mr. Jones said the following.  “I’m incredibly proud and humbled by the success of our company and Zoic’s plan was to always evolve into creative producers of content.  Snowblind is the first of many exciting projects on our developing slate.  Not only is it fantastic source material, but we are thrilled to be working with Amber.”  Samantha Shear is the Vice President of Development at Zoic Studios.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Shear said the following.  “Chris and Loni have fostered an incredible filmmaker-friendly studio here at Zoic and I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of the team of many talented artists that will help in bringing Chris Golden’s haunting thriller to cinematic life.”

            To end, Christopher Golden has written many novels.  He is commonly known for four novels.  The novels are; Ararat, Snowblind, Dead Ringers and The Pandora Room.  Returning to, the feature film Snowblind, the aforementioned development project is based on the novel’s story.  The story for Snowblind takes place, in the Town of Coventry.  The latter, is located in New England.  The town is hit hard, by the worst blizzard in recent history.  It looks like Coventry, will never be the same.  To start, families have been torn apart, by the effects of the blizzard.  This novel; is considered to be more than just another, “it was dark and stormy,” novel.  As previously stated; Zoic Studios has optioned the literary rights to a horror novel, which is written by Christopher Golden.  Snowblind will be developed into a feature film.  Zoic Studios is assembled and ready, with the production team waiting.  Lastly; Amber Alexander was chosen as the screenwriter, to be able to, adapt the novel into a movie, which is worthy of movie theaters.



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