Blade Partners with Charter Communications, Inc.

(Mountain View, CA) The PC game continues to be alive, and, PC gamers couldn’t feel or be more ecstatic.  Blade, a technology company whose business operations are centered on cloud-based gaming, is the reason PC games are alive.  Specifically, Blade keeps PC games alive, through, its cloud based computer gaming platform; Shadow.  Recently, Blade revealed that a partnership with Charter Communications, Inc. is indeed, a strategic investment.  This strategic investment, from one of the leading cable television service providers, is in the form of funding.  However and regrettably, the exact amount of funding was not disclosed. 

            The undisclosed investment from Charter Communications, Inc. is helping to empower Blade, and, its cloud platform Shadow.  In fact, Shadow was officially introduced one year ago.  The technology company, Blade, was founded in the year 2015, and, in the Country of France.  The focus of this technology company was to keep the PC game alive, through, the liberation of the PC gamer from the need of having to own a powerful PC computer.  Shadow is the first product, which is derived out of the business’s focus.  The idea of Shadow is a perpetual high-performance gaming PC computer, through, an internet cloud.  Avid PC gamers pay a monthly fee or membership, and, are free to play PC games on Shadow.  In turn; Shadow is compatible with any PC computer, tablet computer or smart device.  Yes it does mean that the PC computer can be super old, and, current PC games will work on it.  Andrew Ip is the Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology and Innovation at Charter Communications, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Ip said the following.  “The Shadow experience is an example of the service set that can be enhanced by Charter’s state-of-the-art, fiber powered network.  This combination will bring a superior experience to Shadow users on Charter’s network and further differentiate Charter from its competitors by extending powerful computing needs to our customers whether they be the most avid gamer or are simply looking for enhanced personal computing experiences.”  Andrew Ip also said.  “Blade’s leading Cloud PC technology is at the forefront of enabling the next wave of immersive experiences for the consumer.”

            Immediately, the investment from Charter Communications, Inc. will grant Blade access to Charter’s 28 million consumers or subscribers.  Furthermore, the access also includes the use of Charter’s advanced fiber optic based network.  The objective of the investment, is to make Shadow an even more powerful cloud based platform.  The previously said, will successfully enhance Blade’s growth in the United States of America.  Blade will also use the new funding to hire more workers in Europe, and, the U.S.A.  Furthermore, the new funding will also help complete agreements, with video game studios or developers.  Ubisoft, Nadeo Studio and Team Envy are examples of the previously noted.  For Ubisoft and Nadeo Studio; their PC game entitled, Track Mania Stadium, will be available for free on Shadow.  Team Envy has a similar agreement, for their line of esports video games.  Regrettably, the esports video games from Team Envy, haven’t been disclosed.  Shadow gives its subscribers, the highest quality PC gaming experience without friction.  The latter, is accomplished at a high speed with low latency.  Additionally; there is a data security feature, and, a resolution that is close to 4K.  Visit the website,, for more information.

            To end, Blade did release a press statement.  Asher Kagan is a Co-Founder and the C.E.O. of Blade.  Through a press statement, Mr. Kagan said the following.  “Working with this major technology leader is not just exciting for us as a company but it validates Blade’s technological achievements in the field.  Our new partner shares the same vision, values and goals when it comes to the future application of cloud computing and how to scale the ecosystem.  Charter is the missing communications link in our service delivery cycle and it is inspiring to be working with them.”  As previously stated; Blade is keeping PC games alive, and, the PC gamer couldn’t be more ecstatic about this fact.  Shadow is Blade’s cloud based computer gaming platform.  Recently, Blade revealed that a partnership with Charter Communications, Inc., is also an investment.  This investment is strategic, and, in the form of funding.  However and regrettably, the exact amount of funding was not disclosed.



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