Carnival Air Ship will Return as Part of a Celebration

(Miami, FL) The Carnival Cruise Line, formally, announced the return of the blimp Carnival Air Ship.  The aforementioned blimp, will return as part of a month long celebration.  The celebration is the launch of the new cruise ship, Carnival Panorama.  Furthermore, Carnival Air Ship’s month long journey, is also intended, to coincide with the Rose Parade.  During the 2019 Rose Parade, in Pasadena California, the Carnival Cruise Line will have a float in the parade.

The float for the 2019 Rose Parade, will be the first that the Carnival Cruise Line has done.  As a result; enthusiasm is high, as well, as the expectations.  The Carnival Cruise Line is part of the Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE:  CCL and NYSE:  CUK).  Currently, the Carnival Cruise Line is awaiting the delivery of three new cruise ships.  The cruise ship, Mardi Gras, is scheduled to be delivered and start operations in the year 2020.  An un-named cruise ship, is scheduled to be delivered and start operations in the year 2022.  The third cruise ship is, Carnival Panorama.  As previously mentioned; all of the excitement that is the month long journey of the Carnival Air Ship, is due to the launch of the Carnival Panorama.  Christine Duffy is the President of the Carnival Cruise Line.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Duffy said the following.  “The Carnival AirShip was so well received when she debuted earlier this year that we’re bringing her back to celebrate the arrival of Carnival Panorama to Long Beach and highlight our West Coast expansion.  Carnival is the number one cruise line from Southern California and the AirShip is a unique way to promote the many ways our guests can Choose Fun from the West Coast.”  Returning to the Carnival Panorama; this cruise ship is set to début in Long Beach, California U.S.A.  Furthermore, the début is also a special, 3 day special cruise.  The date for the special cruise, out of Long Beach, is December 11th, 2019.  After the special cruise, the Carnival Panorama will start normal and year round cruise tour service.  Specifically, it has been designated to operate the 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise.  The first, of the aforementioned cruises, starts on December 14th, 2019.  The Mexican Riviera is a reference to, the west coast of the Country of Mexico.

The blimp Carnival Air Ship, is 120 feet long.  The month long journey; in celebration of the launch of the Carnival Panorama, will start in Southern California, U.S.A.  Specifically; the blimp Carnival Air Ship will travel throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County.  After the aerial mission over Southern California, the blimp will travel to Northern California.  Overall and for the month long journey, the Carnival Air Ship will not leave the State of California.  Furthermore and throughout this time, the blimp is expected to visit important cultural monuments and events.  For example; the Carnival Air Ship will flyby the Rose Parade, schools in California, sporting events, the locations of viewing parties and selected Sky Zone locations. 

To end; the Carnival Cruise Line estimates that every year, more than 600,000 travelers board their cruise ships that depart from the west coast of the U.S.A.  Furthermore, it operates an overall fleet of 26 cruise ships.  Normally, these 26 cruise ships operate 3 to 24 day sea voyages.  The destinations include the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, New England, Bermuda, Cuba, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia.  As previously stated, the Carnival Cruise Line formally announced the return of the blimp, Carnival Air Ship.  The return of Carnival Air Ship, is also part of a month long celebration.  The celebration is the launch of the new cruise ship, Carnival Panorama.  Lastly, everything is also intended to coincide with the Carnival Cruise Line’s float, in the 2019 Rose Parade. 


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