Fort Mason Games Reveals Survey Results

(San Francisco, CA) Fort Mason Games takes pride, in the fact that, they are led by women.  Additionally, that it is a new modern mobile video game company.  Furthermore; that its portfolio of casual video games for the mobile platform is characterized by the terms fun, social and artificial intelligence based.  Recently, Fort Mason Games revealed that, it has conducted a survey about downloaded apps.  A highlight of its mobile video game, Confetti Casino, was also part of the released survey results.  This survey, is also, in commemoration of National Download Day.  National Download Day, officially, was honored on December 28th, 2018.

            On December 28th, 2018, National Download Day, it is estimated that more than 250 million people downloaded apps.  The latter; is due to the fact that, Americans receive smart telephones and tablet computers, as gifts during the holiday season.  Obviously; the time period that begins on Christmas Day, and, ends on New Year’s Day is the busiest time to download apps.  The complete results of the survey can be found by clicking this link;  The short version of the survey results follows.  First, 87% of smart telephone owners say that, they download more than three apps each year.  The three most popular categories for the downloaded apps are video games, shopping and health & fitness.  Second, almost 70% of the people who were surveyed, download video games for the mobile platform.  Third, the shopping category has a survey result of 52%.  Fourth, the health & fitness category has a survey result of 36%.  Of those people who download video games, the people say the following.  Fifth, 35% of the surveyed people say that, video games help them alleviate stress.  Sixth, 40% of the surveyed people say that, video games help them pass time.  Interestingly and for the year 2018; Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whats App are expected to be heavily downloaded. 

            As previously mentioned, Fort Mason Games highlighted its own mobile video game, Confetti Casino.  Visit the website,, to learn more about Confetti Casino.  However and currently, Confetti Casino is Fort Mason Games’ flagship mobile video game.  The aforementioned video game, adds first time features to the “social casino” video game arena.  For example, players can send each other hearts.  Additionally, they can work together to unlock big rewards.  Players can also work, in a collaborative manner, instead of choosing competition.  The previously mentioned, is also, intended to appeal and lure in women.  Finally, friends that players make whilst playing Confetti Casino, can be moved to other video games.  These other Fort Mason Games video games, make up the Fort Mason Games ecosystem.  Kate Gorman is the C.E.O. of Fort Mason Games.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Gorman said the following.  “Social casino games are a $5 billion market segment, and it’s only going to grow bigger in 2019.  Americans love being able to escape to Vegas for a night—and games like Confetti Casino make Vegas even more exciting by offering the ability to connect with others, giving the thrills of Las Vegas without actually gambling.  The bonus of this collaborative gaming is that players can always come back to the online friends they made playing slots in a fun, positive environment.” 

            To end, Kate Gorman concluded her press statement, by saying.  “In this national survey of Americans’ download habits, 73% said they will download apps on National Download Day, with 67% planning to download mobile games.  Games are some of the most vital apps on our phone—we collectively spend more than one billion hours playing them per month.  But many games can be isolating, or competitive when they let you play with others.  We’re changing the game with mobile apps like Confetti Casino:  which allows collaborative play that not only helps you relax, but also helps you make friends across the world.”  As previously stated; Fort Mason Games commemorated National Download Day, by releasing the results of a survey, about downloaded apps.  Through the released survey results, the aforementioned business also highlighted its own video game, Confetti Casino.  National Download Day, officially, was honored on December 28th, 2018.  Lastly on this day; it is estimated that more than 250 million people downloaded apps, for their new smart telephone, or, tablet computer.



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