Ignite International, Ltd. Launches Online Apparel Store

(Los Angeles, CA) Ignite International, Ltd. is infused with the spirit, which its founder exhibits.  Dan Bilzerian is the Founder, and, professional gambling is his claim to fame; along with selling a specialty brand of cannabis (Marijuana).  Ignite International, officially, has launched an online store.  The online store includes apparel and accessories, all whilst, giving crazed fans a small piece of the extremely popular cannabis brand.  This cannabis brand is perfectly exemplified by its, goat head logo.  In other words the Ignite lifestyle can now be lived through authentic hats, water bottles, hooded sweatshirts, bikinis, shorts and t-shirts.

            The Ignite lifestyle, as exemplified through the full line or collection of apparel, is also legal cannabis and C.B.D.  C.B.D. is cannabidiol oil that, is popular as a vape product.  Additionally; it is an extract of the hemp plant, but, it doesn’t contain T.H.C.  Ignite’s premium cannabis, is sold through legal medical marijuana dispensaries.  Through this legal process of selling cannabis, Ignite’s iconic goat head logo, became, extremely popular.  Crazed fans of the cannabis brand demanded more.  Dan Bilzerian decided to comply, and, he offered apparel and accessories; the Ignite lifestyle.  The web address, for the online store is www.shop.ignite.co.  Shannon Bard is the C.O.O. of the Ignite Cannabis Co.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Bard said the following.  “What brands you choose to buy, wear and display makes a personal statement.  We’re getting thousands of requests from fans of the brand to sell them Ignite apparel, especially the items they have seen all over social media and on celebrities and influencers.  This is the only place to get that official Ignite merch.”

            To end and at the online store; fans can find the famous goat head logo on beanies, bikinis and bucket hats.  Additionally, the items were manufactured with comfort and style, in mind.  The authentic Ignite Black Beanie is priced at $30.00 USD.  The authentic Ignite Black Bikini is priced at $75.00 USD.  Finally, the authentic Ignite Black Bucket Hat is priced at $40.00 USD.  As previously stated, the Los Angeles based Ignite International, Ltd. has launched an online store.  The aforementioned business, was founded by professional poker player, Dan Bilzerian.  Additionally, Ignite is extremely popularly known for selling a specialty brand of cannabis.  Through the online store, Ignite International, Ltd. makes available, the Ignite lifestyle to the general public.  The Ignite lifestyle is best exemplified by its iconic, goat head logo.  Lastly and in other words the Ignite lifestyle can now be lived through authentic hats, water bottles, hooded sweatshirts, bikinis, shorts and t-shirts.



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