Parisa Ansari and Joseph Greywolf Début their First Book

(Aliso Viejo, CA) Centered on a narrative that pulls in pre-school age children; the recently released children’s book by Parisa Ansari, and, Joseph Greywolf is illustrated by Roslen Roy Mack.  Furthermore and through the narrative, this children’s book aims at imparting valuable life lessons to preschoolers.  The aforementioned children’s book is officially titled; The Adventures of Mr. Octagon:  My First Journey.  The début is on Amazon, and, the official début date was December 12th, 2018.  The paperback edition has a price of, $11.99 USD.  Lastly, this new children’s book is the first part, of a four part series. 

For the first part of the series, The Adventures of Mr. Octagon:  My First Journey, the authors wanted to create a whimsical children’s book.  Additionally, they were also looking to reach children ages 2 to 6.  What results is a 24 page children’s book, which is also, eccentrically illustrated.  Author Parisa Ansari did release a press statement.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Ansari said the following.  “Our book helps kids learn new ways of perceiving the world with gratitude, introspection and imagination.  It is designed to stimulate creativity while helping young children become more mindful about nature, animals and the Earth.  It also provides interesting insight into the Native American culture and wisdom.”

The brief synopsis of the children’s book, The Adventures of Mr. Octagon:  My First Journey, is as follows.  One day, Mr. Octagon decides to leave for an adventure of discovery.  Additionally, he leaves his hometown, Shapeville.  Through his adventures, Mr. Octagon hopes to learn valuable life lessons.  He also wishes to share these life lessons, with the other shapes; his friends.  Mr. Octagon’s first adventure of learning is an encounter with, a wise old stone.  The wise old stone imparts on Mr. Octagon the lesson of, “togetherness.”  Through togetherness, as Mr. Octagon learns, individual songs can rise up into the clouds; together and in harmony.

To end; the children’s book, The Adventures of Mr. Octagon:  My First Journey, also comes with fun activities that engage the minds of pre-school age children.  The activities are 12 vocabulary words, a hide & seek adventure, a coloring page, a journey item list and a five page journal.  As previously stated; The Adventures of Mr. Octagon:  My First Journey, is the first part of a four part series.  Additionally, the paperback edition is available for $11.99 USD, at  The release is also through Amazon, and, the release date was December 12th, 2018. 


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