Pinterest Reveals the 100 Trends for the Year 2019

(San Francisco, CA) At a rate of more than 250 million views every month, and, more than 175 billion archived pins; is a quiet giant of the internet.  Specifically, Pinterest, Inc. wants the website to be a discovery engine.  The things that are discovered, are what people, like or love.  Recently, the official trends for the year 2019 were announced.  The announcement, is in the form of the; 100 Pinterest Trends for 2019. 

The 100 Pinterest Trends for 2019; is comprised of ideas that people around the world want to know more about, or, just outright discover for the first time.  The latter, is made possible through the visual search engine that is,  The 100 trends for 2019, is comprised of specific trending categories.  The categories are:  travel; health and wellness; hobbies and interests; celebrations; food; home; kids and parenting; men’s style; women’s style and beauty.  Furthermore, the trend calculations are based on normal searches on the website.  The data is collected from January 2018, to, September 2018.  Then, the data is compared to the previous year’s data.  The end result, is the trend calculation, as a percentage.

The full list of the 100 trends can obtained, by clicking on this link,  Twenty items, of the official list of 100, across all of the categories follows.  For the travel category; the two items are zero waste travel, and, surprise destination.  The trend calculation for zero waste travel is, up 74%.  The trend calculation for surprise destination is, up 192%.  For the health and wellness category; the two items are bakuchiol, and, band workouts.  The trend calculation for bakuchiol is, up 275%.  The trend calculation for band workouts is, up 1,913%.  For the hobbies and interests category; the two items are side hustles at home, and, body painting.  The trend calculation for side hustle at home is, up 690%.  The trend calculation for body painting is, up 444%.  For the celebrations category; the two items are mini moment celebrations, and, backyard wedding.  The trend calculation for mini moment celebrations is, up 113%.  The trend calculation for backyard wedding is, up 441%.  For the food category; the two items are eating pegan, and, grazing tables.  The trend calculation for eating pegan is, up 337%.  The trend calculation for grazing tables is, up 163%.  For the home category; the two items are painted floor tiles, and, mustard yellow.  The trend calculation for painted floor tiles is, up 1,276%.  The trend calculation for mustard yellow is, up 45%.  For the kids and parenting category; the two items are toy share subscriptions, and, birthday scavenger hunt.  The trend calculation for toy share subscription is, up 313%.  The trend calculation for birthday scavenger hunt is, up 302%.  For the men’s style category; the two items are sling bags, and, vintage watches.  The trend calculation for sling bags is, up 1,184%.  The trend calculation for vintage watches is, up 98%.  For the women’s style category; the two items are African print fashion, and, sustainable fashion.  The trend calculation for African print fashion is, up 229%.  The trend calculation for sustainable fashion is, up 34%.  For the beauty category; the two items are cropped bangs, and, powder dip nails.  The trend calculation for cropped bangs is, up 51%.  The trend calculation for powder dip nails is, up 442%. 

To end; Pinterest, Inc. is owned by Cold Brew Labs, Inc.  Furthermore; it is headquartered out of San Francisco, California, U.S.A.  More than 1,500 employees of Pinterest work in offices around the world.  The offices are located in the following cities; in the U.S.A. and around the world.  The cities are; Atlanta, Berlin, Chicago, Detroit, Dublin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seattle and Tokyo.  As previously stated, is a quiet giant of the internet.  Recently, it revealed the official trends for the year 2019.  Officially, the trends are entitled, 100 Pinterest Trends for 2019.  The full list of the 100 trends can obtained, by clicking on this link,


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