Tech Soup Secures a $4 Million USD Loan

(San Francisco, CA) People working with other people, in conjunction and in order, to make a better world; is the essence of a non-governmental organization (N.G.O.).  Additionally; an N.G.O. is usually organized on a local, national or international level.  As a non-profit organization, Tech Soup, is a facilitator of technology solutions for global N.G.O.s.  Recently, the Tech Soup mission statement, needed an injection of capital.  The efforts to raise capital, also included, a direct public offering.  As part of the previously mentioned process, Tech Soup revealed that, it has secured a $4 million USD loan.  This loan is from the Nonprofit Finance Fund (N.F.F.).

            As a certified 501 c-3, the Nonprofit Finance Fund, is also a Community Development Financial Institution (C.D.F.I.).  In other words, this organization aims at solving social challenges, through, loaned money.  It also helps coordinate resources, helps explore for alternative funding sources and it removes obstacles so that non-profit organizations can achieve their mission statement.  The $4 million dollar loan to Tech Soup, is intended as an injection of capital.  This new capital will enable and support, the expansion of Tech Soup’s global distribution network.  The latter; is centered on software services, hardware services, services in general and content.  Additionally, everything is intended for civil society organizations.  Norah McVeigh is the Managing Director of Financing at the Nonprofit Finance Fund (N.F.F.).  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. McVeigh said the following.  “We are proud to continue to partner with TechSoup as they increase access to much needed technology across the US and global social sectors.”

            As previously said, the loan from N.F.F. is part of Tech Soup’s efforts to inject capital.  In November of the year 2018, the previously noted, became, a pressing matter.  Tech Soup was also hoping to finance its new initiatives.  The new initiatives are geared towards N.G.O.s, philanthropists and civil society organizations.  The objective is to leverage technology to be able to create, connect, activate and transform their organizations; to better serve their respective communities.  Additionally, the efforts to inject capital, also include, a direct public offering (D.P.O.).  The D.P.O. is being facilitated through the website,  The aforementioned website, is an investing platform.  Additionally, this platform is for debt, and, equity investment opportunities.  These investment opportunities are for high impact companies, organizations and/or funds.  Specifically, for Tech Soup’s D.P.O., it includes three tiers of debt securities investments.  For the D.P.O., the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) approved a Regulation A+/Tier 2 classification.  Tech Soup believes that, for every $100 dollars of injected capital, it can create $47,000 dollars in resources.  Rebecca Masisak is the C.E.O. of Tech Soup.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Masisak said the following.  “The DPO embodies our belief that TechSoup’s stakeholders come from a range of economic backgrounds but share a common belief in the importance of a strong infrastructural backbone for civil society.  This is more than just an investment—it’s an opportunity to invest side-by-side with TechSoup and civil society organizations everywhere to build a better world.”  Rebecca Masisak also said.  “Receiving this investment early in our $11.5 million growth capital campaign puts us on strong footing and will enable TechSoup and its network to generate significant social impact and to reach many more organizations with its services.”

            To end, Tech Soup’s mission statement, is to provide transformative technology solutions to other non-profit organizations and N.G.O.s.  Currently; it partners with 70 N.G.O.s around the world, to be able to, provide digital platforms, and, in-person experiences.  Through its one of a kind, global philanthropy program, it brings together more than 100 technology companies.  Together they provide technology solutions to N.G.O.s, and, other non-profit organizations.  Throughout its 30 year history and to this date; Tech Soup believes that, it has distributed more than $11.1 billion USD, in technology products and grants.  Rebecca Masisak concluded her press statement by stating.  “We are grateful for NFF’s support of the next-generation NGO Tech Marketplace and our growing Global Data and Validation Services initiatives.  In an increasingly digital world powered by ‘services first, cloud first’ approaches and threatened by security and data privacy concerns, digital strategies are even more critical for the estimated 12 million NGOs.  And TechSoup’s ‘Common Data Model’ for global nonprofit validation will power collaboration at new levels.”  As previously stated, Tech Soup has successfully secured a $4 million USD loan.  This loan is from the Nonprofit Finance Fund (N.F.F.).  Everything is part of Tech Soup’s efforts to inject capital.  Lastly, a direct public offering, is also, part of the previously mentioned.



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