The Infatuation Launches Text Rex in San Francisco California

(San Francisco, CA) is best known for being a restaurant discovery platform, where the restaurants are the headliners.  The recent launch of Text Rex, in San Francisco California U.S.A., could only further enhance the hard earned respect for The Infatuation, Inc.  The aforementioned business, is obviously, the owner of  Additionally; Text Rex dramatically increases the usability, and, appeal of mobile smart telephones.  This is due to the fact that, Text Rex, is an SMS text message based restaurant recommendation service. 

            Through Text Rex, residents of San Francisco California, connect directly to’s staff.  In turn and the latter, sends out restaurant recommendations, which are a good fit for any dining scenario.  These restaurant recommendations are sent to the resident; directly to their mobile smart telephone, as an, SMS text message.  Currently; Text Rex is available to residents of New York City New York, and, residents of Los Angeles California.  Chris Stang is a Co-Founder and the C.E.O. of The Infatuation, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Stang said the following.  “It’s our company’s mission to get people the best and most useful information when and how they want it.  With no shortage of great restaurant offerings in San Francisco, launching Text Rex here was a natural next step.”  Chris Stang also said.  “Text Rex is a unique service that allows users to get specific and personalized recommendations from our staff on-demand.”

            The Infatuation, Inc. was founded in the year, 2009.  Additionally, it was founded in New York City.  Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal are the Founders.  Furthermore, they are also long time music industry executives. is recognized for being, an innovative restaurant discovery platform.  Around two dozen cities around the world, are also, covered by the previously mentioned website.  This business also owns the restaurant review brand, Zagat.  It also puts on more than 50 community events, every year.  The most famous of these community events is, EEEEEATSCON.  The most recent event was held on October 6th, 2018.  The location was Forest Hills Stadium, in Forest Hills, New York U.S.A.  EEEEEATSCON is a one day food experience, which is inspired by, the music festival concept.  Additionally, the participating restaurants are the headliners, of this one day event.  For the attendees there are live musical performances, and, discussion panels.  The aforementioned feature thought leaders from the restaurant world, and, restaurant industry pioneers. 

            To end, residents of San Francisco California can register for Text Rex, through, an SMS text message.  The previously said, can be done by sending a text message to 64560, from a mobile smart telephone.  Residents of San Francisco can also choose, the conventional method,  As previously stated, is a restaurant discovery platform, where the restaurants are the headliners., has officially launched Text Rex in San Francisco, California U.S.A.  Lastly, Text Rex is an SMS text message based restaurant recommendation service.



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