Turtle Beach Launches Battle Buds Headset

(San Diego, CA) Video game enthusiasts in need of, a high performance in-ear headset are in luck.  Recently, Turtle Beach launched its new headset; Turtle Beach Battle Buds.  Furthermore, the aforementioned headset is highlighted by its price, and, standard features.  The price of the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, is $29.95 USD.
The Turtle Beach Battle Buds, at the listed $29.95 price, can be purchased at Target or the website Turtlebeach.com.  Additionally, the headset is available in two color combinations.  The color combinations are; bright white with teal accents, and, sleek black with silver accents.  For this particular headset, Turtle Beach (NASDAQ:  HEAR) had the video game enthusiast, or gamer, in mind.  Furthermore; it is compatible with the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC computer.  Juergen Stark is the C.E.O. of Turtle Beach.  Through a press statement, Mr. Stark said the following.  “The Battle Buds use our renowned mic technology to deliver a great multiplayer chat experience, just in a smaller, more portable package created for gamers playing on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.  Battle Buds sound great whether gaming or listening to music, and both mics pick up your voice loud and clear, whether you’re coordinating with your squad to ensure you get the next win, or on a call with a friend talking about your next match.”
As previously said, the Turtle Beach Battle Buds headset is highlighted by its standard features.  The highlighted standard features are; crystal clear chat capability, lightweight comfort factor, a multifunction inline controller and high quality 10mm speakers.  The crystal clear chat capability, is accentuated by a removable highly sensitive and unidirectional boom microphone.  The aforementioned microphone, is perfect for in-game video game chats.  Furthermore, there is a second built-in microphone.  The built-in microphone is designed for telephone use.  The lightweight comfort factor, is the feeling of comfort when the in-ear gel tips are being used.  Additionally, the in-ear gel tips come in three standard sizes.  The in-ear gel tips, also, help provide the headset with stability; adding to the comfortable feeling.  The multifunction inline controller, is the multifunction button.  Additionally, this feature is programmed to work better, with supported devices.  With the multifunction inline controller; the master volume, mute function and microphone can be controlled.  The high quality 10mm speakers, is the ear piece of the headset that delivers the audio.  Additionally, it is capable of delivering crisp high sounds, as well as, thundering booming low sounds.  The previously said; is also the full range of sound, which is ideal for video game use or play.
To end, video game enthusiasts have a good reason to feel pleased.  Turtle Beach has launched the Turtle Beach Battle Buds; their most recent and new headset on the marketplace.  The Turtle Beach Battle Buds can be purchased at Target, or, the website Turtlebeach.com.  The price is $29.95 USD.

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