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(Los Angeles, CA) There’s still room for one more, movie and entertainment studio.  Well at least, in the City of Century City, California U.S.A.  The aim would be to develop high quality feature films, along with, television series.  In fact, the previously mentioned speaks boldly about the recent launch of 101 Studios.  101 Studios has been launched, to be specific, with more than $300 million USD in initial funding.  Financiers or founders include the following people; Ron Burkle, Bob Yari, Marc Leder, Marvin Peart, Dan Schryer, David Glasser and David Hutkin.  Additionally, East West Bank is also onboard, as an investor.  Lastly, David Glasser has been named the C.E.O.  Meanwhile, David Hutkin has been named the C.O.O.

David Hutkin
David Glasser
For the new C.O.O. and C.E.O. the arduous task of building a global movie and entertainment studio, has already begun.  For example, with the announcement of the launch came a second announcement.  The second announcement reveals that, the television series Yellowstone, has been purchased from Viacom.  The purchase price is revealed at approximately, $28.5 million USD.  The purchase includes the first two seasons of the television series, which is broadcasted on cable television’s Paramount Channel.  Yellowstone; is rated TV-MA, and, the episodes are 1 hour long.  Officially, it is categorized under the drama and western genre.  The creators are John Linson and Taylor Sheridan.  Yellowstone; is headlined by Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes and Kelly Reilly.  The remaining balance of the $300 million dollars has been set aside for the following things.  To start; acquisition, development and production of U.S.A. based projects.  Additionally and as part of the previous, 4 to 6 feature films are planned for each year of business operations.  Second and last; the financing and the production of television series that, are currently in the developmental phase.  For the aforementioned, it is about 6 to 8 television series.

The founders, or financiers, of 101 Studios all come from different backgrounds; Ron Burkle, Bob Yari, Marc Leder, Marvin Peart, Dan Schryer, David Glasser and David Hutkin.  For example and to begin, Ron Burkle is the Managing Partner of The Yucaipa Companies.  Bob Yari is an entrepreneur and movie producer.  Marc Leder is the Co-C.E.O. of Sun Capital Partners, Inc.  Marvin Peart works at Marro Media Co.  Dan Schryer is the C.E.O. of DCI Data Center Services.  David Glasser comes from an extensive movie entertainment background.  Mr. Glasser has overseen the production, marketing and distribution of worldwide released feature films.  The King’s Speech (2011) and The Artist (2012); are examples of the previously noted.  David Hutkin comes from a banking career background.  Previous job position titles of the previously said include; Head of Strategy, and, Chief Financial Officer. 

To end, 101 Studios is currently negotiating the purchase of the domestic rights to an already theatrically released movie.  The movie is, The Current War (2017).  Additionally, the release date is October 15th, 2017.  The release date is for the United States of America.  The Current War (2017) is rated PG-13, and, it is 1 hour and 45 minutes long.  Officially; it is categorized under the biography, drama and history genre.  The director was Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.  The writer was Michael Mitnick.  The Current War (2017) is headlined by Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch and Nicholas Hoult.  As previously stated, 101 Studios has been launched.  Additionally, 101 Studios has more than $300 million USD in initial funding.  David Glasser has been named the C.E.O., whilst, David Hutkin has been named the C.O.O.  Lastly, the launch also includes the purchase of the television series, YellowstoneYellowstone was purchased from Viacom, and, for $28.5 million USD.  Included in the purchase, are the first two seasons.   


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