Byton Unveils a First Look at the Future Electric Vehicle; M-Byte S.U.V.

(Las Vegas, NV) The Future Mobility Corporation, is infused with life blood from BMW, Tesla and Nissan.  The previously said, is due to the fact that, it was founded by former executives of BMW, Tesla and Nissan.  Furthermore, it is a Chinese automobile manufacturer that, was established in the year 2016.  The official Byton brand, or marquee, was unveiled in September of the year 2017.  Furthermore, Byton was unveiled as a brand, of premium intelligent electric vehicles.  Recently and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A., it made public the M-Byte S.U.V.  The latter; is the first production electric vehicle model, that is also considered to be, a next generation smart device.
As a next generation smart device, the Byton M-Byte S.U.V., is on the schedule to début in the middle of the year 2019.  The previously stated, is for the production version.  Additionally, mass production of the M-Byte S.U.V. is on the schedule to begin at the end of the year, 2019.  Future Mobility Corporation, does want a highly tested electric vehicle.  In order, to give the consumer an electric vehicle that has the highest levels of safety standards, along with, the highest levels of quality standards.  The previous is for the automobile markets of China, the United States of America and Europe.  Dr. Daniel Kirchert is a Co-Founder and the President of the Future Mobility Corporation.  Through a press statement, Dr. Kirchert said the following.  “We have made solid progress in the construction of our Nanjing plant and prototype vehicle testing.  This is a vital year for BYTON and our global team is sparing no efforts to achieve our goal of volume production.”

Officially, Future Mobility Corporation is a subsidiary of China Harmony New Energy Auto Holding Limited.  In January of the year 2017; the aforementioned holding company, started construction on its manufacturing plant.  The manufacturing plant is for the Byton electric vehicles, and, it is located in Nanjing, China.  The cost is estimated at $1.7 billion USD.  Additionally, it is also estimated that, it can manufacture 150,000 electric vehicles every year.  In 2018, First Auto Works, invested heavily in the Byton M-Byte S.U.V.  First Auto Works is owned by the Government of China.  The Future Mobility Corporation also has an office in the U.S.A.’s Silicon Valley.  Additionally, the vehicle concept and design center is located in Munich, Germany.  There are also other offices in China.  The other offices are in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

As previously said, Byton, is intended to be a brand of premium intelligent electric vehicles.  This is accomplished through a digital cockpit, which also, improves the driver experience.  This is also the essence of, the Byton M-Byte S.U.V.  The objective is to produce an electric vehicle that, is also, a smart device.  Everything starts with, Byton’s shared experience display (SED).  The SED is the first of its kind, and, the world’s largest in car display.  The display is of the vehicle and driving information.  All the while, the display also makes available to the driver, various types of content options.  The content options are presented, in an intuitive way.  The physical position of the Byton SED is in front of the driver, but, not in the driver’s line of sight.  Furthermore, the brightness automatically adjusts according to the changes in ambient lighting.  The previous increases safety, whilst, helping to avoid further distractions.  The actual hardware is made up of Byton’s proprietary UI/UX.  In other words, user interface and user experience.  The hardware will have abundant shared and private screen space.  The screen space is for various types of digital content.  Furthermore, this is where the electric vehicle Byton M-Byte S.U.V. becomes a smart device.  The digital content includes music, videos, photographs, files, contacts and other types.  For the driver, there is a 7” tablet.  The 7” tablet is Byton’s proprietary technology.  Additionally, it will be placed at the center of the steering wheel.  Furthermore, this is where or how the driver, interacts with the SED.  For the front passenger, there is an 8” tablet.  The 8” tablet is Byton’s proprietary touch pad technology.  Additionally, this is where or how the front passenger, interacts with the SED.  For the rear passengers, there will be independent rear-seat entertainment screens.  These screens can also share the content that, is being displayed on the SED.  The front seats, of the Byton M-Byte S.U.V. can also rotate inward by 12 degrees.  The dashboard is conveniently and exceptionally designed to have a wrap around design.  Additionally; the air conditioning vents, gear selector, hard buttons, driver monitoring system are all conveniently located and accessible to the driver.  Lastly, Byton does expect to have operational voice control features.  Dr. Carsten Breitfeld is a Co-Founder and the C.E.O. of the Future Mobility Corporation.  Through a press statement, Dr. Breitfeld said the following.  “BYTON’s M-Byte represents the transformation of the traditional car into a next-generation smart device for every user.  We achieve this through the combination of our state-of-the-art EV platform and our proprietary BYTON Life digital ecosystem.”

To end and as previously stated, the Future Mobility Corporation unveiled a first look of the Byton M-Byte S.U.V.  The revelation occurred at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, in Las Vegas Nevada, U.S.A.  The Byton M-Byte S.U.V. is also the first production electric vehicle that is also considered to be, a next generation smart device.  Mass production is on the schedule for the end, of the year 2019.  Lastly, Byton is a brand of premium intelligent electric vehicles. 


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