Qatar Airways Receives the First Two Gulfstream G500 Private Jets

(Savannah, GA) Recognized for manufacturing the world’s most technologically advanced business jet aircrafts, the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., currently sells 6 lines of private jet aircrafts.  The newest, or most recent, of the six lines is the Gulfstream G500.  Recently, the first two, to be manufactured, were successfully delivered to Qatar Airways.  In fact, the delivery or transfer occurred at the Savannah, Georgia U.S.A., headquarters of the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.  The first two, ever built, Gulfstream G500 private jets will be in service with Qatar Executive.  Qatar Executive is, Qatar Airways’ exclusive and executive-level, charter flight business.

          Before the delivery or transfer, Qatar Airways, established the agreement on behalf of Qatar Executive.  The aforementioned agreement, was agreed to in the year 2014.  Additionally, this agreement made Qatar Airways the first international launch customer of the, Gulfstream G500 private jet.  Continuing with the 2014 agreement, it is also comprised of, firm orders and options.  Overall, 30 business jet aircrafts from the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., have been agreed to.  Specifically; for those 30 business jet aircrafts the lines are the Gulfstream G650ER, the Gulfstream G500 and the Gulfstream G600.  His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, is the Chief Executive of the Qatar Airways Group.  Through a press statement, HE Mr. Al Baker said the following.  “We are truly delighted to be the international launch customer for the all-new Gulfstream G500 jet.  This state-of-the-art aircraft will set a new industry benchmark and will offer our passengers an unrivaled flying experience.  Qatar Executive and Gulfstream share a special and strong relationship, one which has grown over the years based on confidence and mutual understanding.  This relationship emphasizes Qatar Executive’s commitment to provide an industry-leading product and service.”

          The Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is a completely owned subsidiary of, General Dynamics (NYSE:  GD).  Additionally, the six lines of business jet aircrafts are:  the Gulfstream G280, the Gulfstream G550, the Gulfstream G500, the Gulfstream  G600, the Gulfstream G650 and the Gulfstream G650ER.  For the brand new, G500, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) issued the type and production certificates, in July of the year 2018.  Additionally, in September 2018 this business jet aircraft, entered into service.  For the much anticipated delivery, or transfer, the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority validated the U.S. type certificate; in October 2018.  Prior to receiving the F.A.A. certification, the Gulfstream G500 was flown around the world.  The journey around the world included flying 130,000 nautical miles, or, 240,760 kilometers.  Additionally, 22 city pair speed records were established, in the process.  Recently, 8 more city pair speed records, were established.  Overall, the Gulfstream G500 has established 30, city pair speed records.

          To end, the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. did release a press statement.  Mark Burns is the President of the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.  Through a press statement, Mr. Burns said the following.  “We are proud to deliver these aircraft just four years later and after the most rigorous flight-test program Gulfstream has conducted.  Qatar Executive’s world-renowned executive charter service is gaining mature, high-performing aircraft that set new standards in safety and comfort.”  Mark Burns also said.  “Gulfstream and Qatar Executive have been good partners since we announced the G500 and their intention to be its international launch customer.”  As previously stated, the first two Gulfstream G500 business jet aircrafts, to be manufactured, were successfully delivered or transferred.  The customer was or is Qatar Airways.  The two Gulfstream G500 private jets will be in service, full time, with Qatar Executive.  Lastly and the latter, is Qatar Airways’ exclusive and executive-level, charter flight business.



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