Subaru of America, Inc. Reveals Livery Design

(Camden, NJ) Subaru of America, Inc. proudly highlights its zero waste philosophy.  In fact, its headquarters office in Camden, New Jersey U.S.A., is designed around reusing products and/or materials.  Additionally; the goal is to avoid sending trash to landfills, incinerators or the ocean.  Recently, Subaru of America, Inc. continued with its spirit of leadership, and, it unveiled the livery design for auto racing.  The same aforementioned spirit of leadership that, guides the business’s zero waste philosophy, can indeed be seen in the new livery design.  Additionally, this new livery design, also attempts to, invoke a sense of nostalgia.  The nostalgia is for the Subaru World Rally Team of race cars, from the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  The livery’s color scheme returns to the marquee, blue and gold colors.  Finally; with the revelation of the livery design, Subaru of America, Inc. also revealed that, it has re-organized all of the racing activities under the Subaru Motorsports banner.

          Subaru Motorsports is a re-organizational effort, for all United States of America based racing activities.  Additionally; this re-organizational effort combines stage rally, rallycross, record attempts, off-road racing and circuit racing under a single banner.  Obviously, Subaru Motorsports is this single banner.  Additionally, it is also intended to highlight the automotive technology that, can be found in its lineup of automobiles.  For example, there are two types of core technologies that, Subaru of America, Inc. highlights.  The first core technology, is the Subaru Boxer Engine.  The second core technology, is the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.  Returning to, the new livery design, the aforementioned term is defined in the following way.  A livery is a uniform design, insignia or symbol.  Additionally, the livery adorns, in a non-military way, a person or object.  Furthermore, a sense of relationship between the wearer of the livery, and, a larger or corporate body is part of the purpose.  Colorful and ceremonial, are also factors that, are intended to be denoted when referring to a livery.  The color scheme is, blue and gold.  Additionally and as previously said, the new livery design is intended to invoke, a sense of nostalgia.

          The sense of nostalgia begins with a base color that is, WR blue pearl.  The rims of the car’s wheels, are painted gold.  The body of the race car, is enveloped, in a bright yellow graphics package.  The Subaru Logo, the star cluster, is the focal point of this graphics package.  Additionally, the Subaru Logo is located on the race car’s doors.  From here, a “comet like” sweep is attempted.  The attempted comet like sweep extends to the B-pillars of the race car, along with, the roof.  This part, is the nostalgic part.  Additionally, it is based on the “comet” motif that, was used by the World Rally Championship Subaru Team.  The latter, used Subaru Impreza automobiles.  The race car drivers of the aforementioned racing team were Richard Burns, and, Petter Solberg.  Subaru Tecnica International’s red logo is placed on the front side intakes, rear wing endplates and the trunk lid vent panel.  Incidentally, Subaru Tecnica International, is Subaru’s performance division. 

          The official début date of the livery design, was January 14th, 2019 at the North American International Auto Show.  As part of Subaru Motorsports, the livery design will be débuted at the Missouri’s Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.  The dates are March 15th to the 16th, 2019.  The previously mentioned, is part of the American Rally Association (A.R.A.).  Additionally, this racing event will officially signal, the beginning of Subaru’s A.R.A. title defense.  In the year 2018, the Subaru Rally Team U.S.A. won the A.R.A. overall title.  Additionally, it placed on the podium for the Americas Rallycross (ARX) championship.  For the Pirelli World Challenge TCA Class, Subaru won the Manufacturer’s Championship.  Finally, Subaru Motorsports is comprised of two divisions.  The first division is managed by, Vermont Sportscar.  This division competes in the Americas Rallycross Championship, and, the American Rally Association Series.  The second division is managed by, Crawford Performance/Grabowski Brothers Racing.  This division competes in the Pirelli World Challenge, and, in Techsport Racing.  

          To end, Subaru of America, Inc. did release a press statement.  Alan Bethke is the Vice President of Marketing at Subaru of America, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Bethke said the following.  These colors are part of our brand’s history, and beloved by our enthusiasts.  For a generation of rally fans, Subaru is synonymous with blue cars, gold wheels and the iconic star cluster.  This new design pays tribute to that heritage, while looking ahead to future success under the Subaru Motorsports name.”  As previously stated, the aforementioned business recently revealed the livery design, for its race cars.  This new livery, is intended to invoke a sense of nostalgia.  The nostalgia is for the Subaru World Rally Team of race cars, from the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  The color scheme of the livery returns to the marquee, blue and gold colors.  Lastly, Subaru of America, Inc. also revealed that, it has re-organized all of the business’s racing activities.  Additionally, everything has been re-organized under the banner; Subaru Motorsports.



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