Hero Sports Announces a Business Partnership with Epic Seats and Ideal Seat

(Seattle, WA) At the site of a sports venue, or entertainment venue, there is still a lot of work that goes on.  The work is needed, in order, to have revenue success.  The objective is to successfully identify revenue leads, and then, convert those leads into actionable sales.  However and to make the problem more complex, everything starts with the way the individual fan, purchases the entrance ticket.  Recently, Hero Sports announced a business partnership with Epic Seats, and, Ideal Seat, Inc.  The aforementioned, is also a step towards making the previously outlined objective, more realistic in terms of profits.  Specifically, Epic Seats is first in the order, of or for, the announced partnership.  Hero Sports is second, whilst, Ideal Seat, Inc. is third in the order.  Epic Seats through its website, will attempt to sell sports fans, entrance tickets based on the fan’s preferences.  Hero Sports will write the content, and, through its automation platform it will provide insights and seating recommendations.  Ideal Seats, Inc. will be the provider, or source, of the data.

          As the provider of the data, and currently, Ideal Seat, Inc. is an experienced recommendation engine.  Additionally; Ideal Seat’s recommendation engine is used by teams, leagues and advanced ticketing platforms.  MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS all use Ideal Seat’s recommendation engine for data.  The data is then converted, into actionable sales that, also increase the fan’s engagement.  Everything in the process is named, Ideal Seat’s Fan Intelligence.  Ideal Seat, Inc. is also the data provider, for more than 130 sports and entertainment venues.  Joel Carben is the C.E.O. of Ideal Seat, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Carben said the following.  “IdealSeat’s Fan Intelligence platform improves the game-day experience for fans, while helping teams and ticketing companies increase conversion and revenue through our data-driven recommendations.  To be able to partner with Epic Seats and HERO Sports is very exciting because together we all share a mission to create the most innovative and user-friendly ticketing process.  Our goal is to help fans make memories that will last a lifetime.” 

          As previously said, the data from Ideal Seat’s Fan Intelligence, will then be converted into content.  Hero Sports will be writing the content, or, doing the work.  Additionally, it conducts its business operations, as a software as a service technology platform.  Furthermore, it also aims at targeting the intentions of the fans.  The latter and in turn, helps to rise up the fan’s engagement.  Everything is done through contextually relevant, insightful and ready to publish content.  The content does include text, information with graphics, slide shows, interactive content, predictions and advice for fantasy sports.  Brad Weitz is the C.E.O. of Hero Sports.  Through a press statement, Mr. Weitz said the following.  “Whether you have kids, are allergic to the sun, or addicted to cotton candy, the perfect seat exists and we’ll help you find it.”  Brad Weitz also said.  “We’re using data to innovate the way fans buy tickets.”

          Epic Seats is an online ticket purchasing platform.  Additionally, it was founded in the year 2003.  The Epic Seats approach to selling entrance tickets, to sports or entertainment events, is through a single direct price.  For example; tickets purchased from Epic Seats don’t have hidden fees, extra shipping costs or bait and switch gimmicks.  Additionally, Epic Seats is respected for its “200% Epic Guarantee.”  The latter, is the aforementioned business’s refund policy. 

          To end, Epic Seats did release a press statement.  James Kimmel is the C.E.O. of Epic Seats.  Through a press statement, Mr. Kimmel said the following.  “We are very excited to launch this marketing initiative with two fantastic, Seattle-based companies:  HERO Sports and IdealSeat.  Epic Seats currently fulfills thousands of ticketing transactions for all the name brand secondary websites unbeknownst to the customer.  Our gratifying mission is helping consumers discover that buying directly from www.epicseats.com removes a layer of markup.”  As previously stated, Hero Sports recently announced a business partnership with Epic Seats, and, Ideal Seat, Inc.  The aforementioned; is also a step towards making a sports venue, or entertainment venue, more profitable, through, actionable sales.  These sales, were also the result of, successfully identified leads and data.  Specifically and for the partnership, Epic Seats is first in the order.  Hero Sports is second, whilst, Ideal Seat is third in the order.  Epic Seats, will sell to sports fans, entrance tickets.  Hero Sports will write the content.  Lastly, Ideal Seats, Inc. will be the source of the data.



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