LiveXLive Media, Inc. Announces a Partnership with Nas and Mass Appeal

(West Hollywood, CA) Nas is a world known, hip-hop music artist.  Additionally, his most recent music album is entitled, Nasir.  Nasir was officially released in the year 2018 by Mass Appeal, and, Def Jam.  Additionally, Nas’s aforementioned music album, peaked at number 5 on the Billboard charts.  Overall; Nas has released 12 music albums, and, 3 compilation albums.  Recently; LiveXLive Media, Inc. announced that, it has developed a partnership with the hip hop artist Nas, and, the business Mass Appeal.  The effort, on the part of LiveXLive, is to stay true to its mission statement for Slacker Radio.  The mission statement, consists of delivering hundreds of hand crafted radio stations; developed by experts.  Slacker Radio’s monthly subscribers, then, have access to these radio stations.  A Nas and Mass Appeal hand crafted radio station, is soon to be on the way, for’s monthly subscribers.

          The new soon to be radio station, which will be meticulously created by Nas and Mass Appeal, will be categorized under the urban and hip hop genres.  Overall, the radio stations that comprise Slacker Radio, are available on an on-demand basis.  In reference to Mass Appeal, it is a U.S.A. based modern media and content business.  Mass Appeal is headquartered out of New York City, New York U.S.A.  It was founded in the year 1996 as a graffiti unofficial publication, or, fanzine.  Currently; Mass Appeal as a business entity is made up of a magazine, a website, film production capabilities, television production capabilities, music label capabilities and creative agency capabilities.  For the announced partnership with LiveXLive Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:  LIVX); Nas and Mass Appeal, LLC, will do the following.  They will jointly develop and produce original content, for LiveXLive.  Nas and Mass Appeal will also co-produce original content that; will be sold to third party platforms, and, they will further develop the idea “radio station created by an expert.”  Nas, by himself, will become an official LiveXLive Brand Ambassador.  Rob Ellin is the Chairman and the C.E.O. of LiveXLive Media, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Ellin said the following.  “The synergy of our partnership will be powerful as we together develop authentic, innovative concepts and programming.”  Rob Ellin also said.  “Our partnership with Nas and Mass Appeal symbolizes our status as a leader in hip hop and urban-focused content.  Nas is one of the most acclaimed and commercially successful artists of all time—he’s sold in excess of 30 million records, and he’s been recognized with more than 20 Grammy, BET, and MTV award nominations over the course of his career.  Mass Appeal’s accomplishments are equally impressive.” 

          To end, hip hop music artist Nas did release a press statement.  Through a press statement, Nas said the following.  “I’m excited for Mass Appeal to continue expanding into different areas of media and music consumption in 2019.  Our partnership with LiveXLive is the next step in that evolution.  We want to show the power live performances can have in connecting with fans, and this collaboration will bring them experiences in real time.”  As previously stated; LiveXLive Media, Inc. recently announced that, it has developed a partnership with the hip hop artist Nas, and, the business Mass Appeal.  The effort is to stay true to the promise of delivering, hundreds of hand crafted radio stations.  These radio stations, are part of the Slacker Radio business operations model.  Additionally, Slacker Radio is a monthly subscription service.’s monthly subscribers, will soon have a radio station, created by Nas and Mass Appeal.  Lastly, urban genre and hip hop genre music content, will also soon be on the way.



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