The Virgin Hotels San Francisco is Open for Business

(Miami, FL and San Francisco, CA) Officially, the Virgin Hotels San Francisco is open for business.  Additionally, a lot of excitement has greeted this lodging property, which is located in the Downtown area.  Furthermore, convenient access to the nearby subway station, is also an unparalleled amenity.  For bragging rights, this hotel is also the home to, San Francisco’s newest rooftop bar.  Interestingly, Virgin Hotels, is a certified hotel lifestyle brand of the Virgin Group, Ltd.  Recently, the latter along with the Founder, Sir Richard Branson, announced the official opening of their second lodging property.  The second Virgin Hotels lodging property is, Virgin Hotels San Francisco.  This hotel is owned by the Paradigm Hotels Group.  However, Virgin Hotels is in charge of the hotel operations.

          The hotel operations, which Virgin Hotels is in charge of, include the following.  To start, there are 192 hotel guestrooms, or, chambers.  Additionally, there are two penthouse suites.  Continuing with the operations side, the Virgin Hotels San Francisco, comes with the standard corporate amenity; Commons Club.  Commons Club is the hotel’s restaurant, bar and lounge.  For this new hotel in San Francisco, California U.S.A., Matthew Rolston was in charge of the design concept.  The vision, for the business operations, is intended to be an ultimate hospitality destination.  In order to accomplish ultimate hospitality destination; a savvy, technologically thinking business or leisure traveler was kept in mind.  The end result and for the hotel’s design is an eclectic architectural decorative mix.  This mix is inspired by San Francisco’s Victorian Era past combined with San Francisco’s 1960’s rock and roll history, all mixed together with, a 19th Century British feel.  As previously said, the Paradigm Hotels Group, is the owner of this hotel.  Jay Singh is the Owner of the Paradigm Hotels Group.  Through a press statement, Mr. Singh said the following.  “We’re thrilled to partner with Virgin Hotels as it continues its expansion around the world.  Virgin Hotels is a brand that knows what travelers want and it’s exciting to bring this specific level of service to San Francisco.”

          The Virgin Group, Ltd is headquartered out of London, England UK/Britain.  Virgin Hotels does maintain an operations office in Miami, Florida U.S.A.  Sir Richard Branson is the Founder of the Virgin Group, Ltd.  Through a press statement, Sir Branson said the following.  “I love visiting San Francisco, and it has always been very special to Virgin.  Never losing its local charm, the city continues to be dynamic and innovative, embodying so much of what our brand stands for.  Virgin Hotels and the delightful city of San Francisco make the perfect pair and I’m thrilled to announce that the hotel is now open.”

          As previously said, there are 192 hotel guestrooms or chambers.  The concept for the hotel guestrooms, is Virgin Hotel’s proprietary two room concept.  The latter; includes a dressing room with full vanity, and, the lounge or the sleeping area.  The lounge has a uniquely designed bed, a red mini refrigerator, a high definition television, a yoga mat, a round wooden table, a bench and plenty of electrical outlets for modern electronic devices.  Overall the hotel guestrooms or chambers have a d├ęcor that incorporates the signature “Virgin Red,” warm wooden tones and soft touchable textures that are accentuated by the color black.  The rest of the hotel amenities are highlighted by three dining options, and, a rooftop bar; the newest in San Francisco.  The dining options are named Commons Club, The Kitchen and the Funny Library Coffee Shop.  The Commons Club, offers the hotel guest a contemporary chic environment.  This environment is intended to give out the feel that, the space is a “members only” space.  However, everything that is the Commons Club, is open to the general public.  The Kitchen is a California cuisine restaurant.  Additionally, Chef Adrian Garcia has successfully developed a menu that, showcases seasonal California ingredients.  The Funny Library Coffee Shop features Laughing Man Coffee.  The previously said, was co-founded by actor, Hugh Jackman.  The dining concept for the Funny Library Coffee Shop, is a grab and go concept.  Additionally, San Francisco inspired pastries will be sold, along with, health food options.  Finally, the rooftop bar is named, Everdene. 

          Raul Leal is the Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Hotels.  Through a press statement, Mr. Leal said the following.  “There are a lot of wonderful things about this property, but what I’m most excited about is the dynamic yet mystical spaces throughout the hotel; from Commons Club, to the lush rooftop escape on the 12th floor, this hotel will offer visitors a unique experience.”  Raul Leal also said.  “Guests of Virgin Hotels in Chicago will notice a lot of key brand features like the Chamber design and the Lounge Bed, but this property will feel inherently San Francisco.” 

          To end; this particular hotel, Virgin Hotels San Francisco, does check-in at 3:00 pm.  Additionally, check-out is at 12:00 pm.  This hotel; is also considered to be the type of hotel that has a smoke free policy, offers room service, has an in-room mini refrigerator and offers in-room snacks for a fee.  The Virgin Hotels San Francisco, is located on 250 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.  The telephone number is (415) 534-6500.  The website is  As previously stated, the latter along with the Founder, Sir Richard Branson, recently announced the official opening of their second lodging property.  The second Virgin Hotels lodging property is, Virgin Hotels San Francisco.  This hotel is owned by the Paradigm Hotels Group.  Lastly and however, Virgin Hotels is in charge of the hotel operations.



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