Victoria’s Secret Reveals the New Valentine’s Day Lingerie and Sleep Collection

(Los Angeles, CA) For the most part Victoria’s Secret; L Brands’ specialty retailer is unapologetic about contracting supermodels, and, having them be its angels.  These angels are American, or, from different parts of the world.  Irregardless of which, the supermodels turned angels embody and exhibit the sophistication that, is necessary to sell women’s underwear.  Through sophistication and long legs, a collection of sexy lingerie is sold; to be precise about the women’s underwear.  Recently, Victoria’s Secret unveiled its newest, Valentine’s Day Lingerie and Sleep Collection.  Obviously, this newest line of lingerie is just in time, for Valentine’s Day.  Angel Jasmine Tookes and Angel Romee Strijd, led the unveiling of what has to be great gift ideas.

          The great Valentine’s Day gift ideas, which were made public by Jasmine and Romee, encompass the following.  First; these items are intended to be worn during a sexy night out, or, a cozy night in.  Strappy bras, dare to wear bras, underwear that comes in playful bright neon colors, satin pajamas and bold fragrances are the items from Victoria’s Secret that; become great gift ideas.  Jasmine Tookes is a supermodel and a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Tookes said the following.  “Pajamas are my favorite Valentine’s Day gift.  I love to surprise my friends with the Victoria’s Secret satin pajama sets for a girls’ night in.  Victoria’s Secret beauty and accessories also make perfect gifts especially for the last-minute shopper.” 

          As previously said, L Brands, Inc. (NYSE:  LB) is the owner of Victoria’s Secret.  As a specialty retailer of women’s underwear, Victoria’s Secret, operates more than 1,600 stores around the world.  Additionally, the actual stores also embody the same previously mentioned, sophistication.  Furthermore, the stores don’t disappoint, when it comes to the décor.  The new Valentine’s Day Lingerie and Sleep Collection; which by now has been made famous by, Jasmine and Romee, also features the following items.  Bras, panty sets, bodysuits, baby dolls, teddies, slips, robes, pajama sets and fragrances are the items.  Specifically and for the aforementioned, there is the new Bombshell Wild Flower fragrance.  The Bombshell Wild Flower fragrance is a vibrant, and yet equally daring mix; of desert wildflower, star lotus and wild magnolia scents.  Please visit the website,, if you are interested in the Valentine’s Day Lingerie and Sleep Collection.

          To end, Romee Strijd is a supermodel and a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Strijd said the following.  “Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all the love in your life.  Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying a gift for someone special, you can’t go wrong with Victoria’s Secret.”  Romee Strijd also said.  “This year, I am all about being a little bit daring.  I gifted myself the new neon Very Sexy Push Up Bra to wear for a fun night out.”  As previously stated, the specialty retailer Victoria’s Secret recently unveiled, its newest Valentine’s Day Lingerie and Sleep Collection.  The aforementioned, and obviously, is just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Lastly, Angel Jasmine Tookes and Angel Romee Strijd, led the unveiling of these new great gift ideas.



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