Exit Oceana Beach Club Hotel; Enter Oceana

(Santa Monica, CA) Los Angeles, California U.S.A., is always a popular destination for adventurous luxury minded travelers.  Additionally; the pictures of Santa Monica State Beach are always worthy of a magazine, or, a photographer’s blog.  Basically, there is nothing quite like Santa Monica, which is part of the Los Angeles area.  Trendy, fashionable, expensive, luxury and beautiful people are also included in the previously said.  Recently, the Oceana Beach Club Hotel announced that, it is currently under a $25 million USD construction renovation project.  This renovation project, is a complete transformation of the hotel building.  Additionally, at the end is a re-imaged, and, re-branded lodging property; Oceana.  Oceana is expected to open to the general public in May of the year, 2019.

          In May of the year 2019, the newly emerged Oceana, will be around its 23 year mark in existence.  The latter is due to the fact that, Oceana Beach Club Hotel was first opened in the year 1996.  Oceana, a luxury boutique hotel, is owned and operated by the JRK Hotel Group.  The aforementioned business, is a business division of the Los Angeles, California U.S.A., headquartered JRK Property Holdings.  For JRK Property Holdings, Oceana was its first acquired hotel property.  Specifically, JRK Property Holdings specializes in real estate investments.  The investments occur in the manner of ownership, management, leasing and re-development of real estate properties.  These properties are usually considered to be, in the primary or secondary markets, throughout the United States of America.  Jim Lippman is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the JRK Hotel Group.  Through a press statement, Mr. Lippman said the following.  We are thrilled to soon welcome world travelers to the new Oceana that will offer exclusive access to the best of Santa Monica’s celebrated beach lifestyle.  With an authentic take on intimate, residential-style luxury steps from the Pacific Ocean, Oceana will bring a new caliber of five-star hospitality to the iconic beaches of Southern California.” 

          Post-renovation and re-branding, Oceana, is expected to be a breath taking beachside exclusive destination.  For the traveler with exquisite tastes, Oceana, can be a second home so to speak.  The previously said, is due to the fact that, this hotel is conveniently located in a beachside neighborhood.  From the $25 million dollars, the following is expected.  Oceana as a new hotel; is planned to be highlighted by the design, the arrival lobby, its guest suites, its restaurant & bar, the outdoor courtyard lounge & pool, its fitness studio & spa and it wants to be known as a place for intimate gatherings.  For the design component, everything is the vision of famed interior designer Anna Busta.  The specific business is Busta Studio, and, it is located in New York City.  For this hotel and project, Anna Busta, commissioned the design and creation of unique high-end furniture.  It is said that, the furniture exhibits a rich yet soothing color palette.  Specifically, the color palette has soft ivories, silvers and blues.  These colors then meet blackened steel, and, gold metal accents.  There are also bold geometric patterns.  For the arrival lobby component, the aforementioned, is a grand two story entrance.  Ivy will be the primary color that, hotel guests see.  Additionally, hotel guests will also have a view of the Pacific Ocean, from the lobby.  For the guest suites, or guest rooms, component there are officially 70 high-end guest suites.  Most of these suites have views of the Pacific Ocean.  The suites range from studio, all the way to, a two bedroom apartment.  Additionally; Anna Busta’s color palette is still on display, and, in use for the hotel guestrooms.  For the restaurant & bar component, the aforementioned, is exclusive to the hotel guests.  Interestingly, the general public, will not be allowed to enter.  The cuisine will be new American cuisine, which is rooted in the use of locally grown ingredients.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and an all night long room service menu are also part; of the restaurant & bar component.  For the outdoor courtyard lounge & pool component, the aforementioned, is the vision of the landscape architecture firm; Perry Guillot of the Hamptons.  Overall; the courtyard will feature an outdoor swimming pool, fire pits and teak upholstered furniture.  The upholstery is James Perse’s work, incidentally.  For the fitness studio & spa component, the aforementioned, is intended to be an intimate space.  The fitness studio will be modern, and, up to date.  Meanwhile, the spa will have a complete service spa menu.  There is also a barber’s chair, along with, a manicure and pedicure station.  For a place for intimate gatherings component, the aforementioned, is comprised of 900 ft².  These 900 ft² can accommodate gatherings, events or meetings for 60 people. 

          To end, this particular hotel, Oceana, does check-in at 3:00 pm.  Additionally, check-out is at 1:00 pm.  This hotel; is also considered to be the type of hotel that post-renovation is refreshingly re-imagined, is a home base for Santa Monica State Beach, is a chic destination in Los Angeles and is a hidden gem in the Los Angeles area.  Furthermore, this hotel is a luxury boutique hotel.  Oceana, is located on 849 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403.  The telephone number is (310) 393-0486.  The website is www.hoteloceanasantamonica.com.  As previously stated, the Oceana Beach Club Hotel recently announced that, it is currently under a $25 million USD construction renovation project.  This renovation project is a complete transformation of the hotel property.  Additionally, at the end is a re-imagined, and, re-branded lodging property; Oceana.  Lastly, Oceana is expected to open to the general public in May of the year, 2019.



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