Sun Basket’s C.E.O. Releases a Non-Fiction Book

(San Francisco, CA) Sun Basket is popularly known, as a subscription meal delivery service.  The popularity is based on the organic and sustainable ingredients that, are used in the delivered meals.  To the Sun Basket subscriber, these delivered meals, become, healthy food meal kits.  Additionally, the subscriber cooks, his or her, own meal kit.  The end result; is dinner that is healthy, organic and made from sustainable ingredients.  Recently; a Co-Founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of Sun Basket, Adam Zbar, announced that he has released a non-fiction book.  Zbar’s non-fiction book is entitled, Shine.  Shine intends to communicate two points, to the reader.  The first point is, Zbar’s story about Sun Basket’s creation.  The second point is, Zbar’s personal life philosophy, “The Shine Paradigm.” 

          Through the shine paradigm, Adam Zbar, encourages the reader to dream for big things.  Additionally; whilst on the route to the achievement of big dreams, the reader should first heal himself, or, herself.  The healing part, is a reference to a healthy lifestyle that, involves healthy and sustainable food.  Obviously, the latter is the essence of the subscription meal delivery service, Sun Basket.  Adam Zbar in, Shine, talks about; how he personally discovered the shine paradigm.  The latter, according to Adam Zbar, was discovered after his first business failed.  Subsequently, he sold his first failed business to the Founders of, You Tube.  Additionally, around this time, he was also a recently divorced man.  The highs and lows, according to Zbar, helped him find a path of transformation.  Furthermore, this path of transformation arrives or ends at the shine paradigm.  Zbar’s, the shine paradigm is based on four concentric circles.  At the center of these concentric circles is, you the reader.  The four concentric circles are; you, your tribe, your mission and your universal connection.  The first concentric circle, you; is a reference to one’s soul, mind and body.  The second concentric circle, your tribe; is a reference to one’s family and friends.  The third concentric circle, your mission; is a reference to one’s work and planet.  The fourth concentric circle, your universal connection; is a reference to one’s sky and eternity.

          Zbar also discusses in, Shine, Sun Basket’s creation.  As previously said, the latter is the first point that the aforementioned book, wants to communicate.  Sun Basket started at zero dollars in profits.  Today, Zbar reports that, it is around $300 million USD in revenue.  Additionally, the $300 million dollars was achieved within four years.  In the U.S.A., Sun Basket is considered to be a premier, subscription meal delivery service.  However, before Sun Basket existed, Adam Zbar was 39 years old.  He was also 50 pounds overweight, and, a recently divorced man.  After visiting a doctor, Adam Zbar believed that, he wouldn’t live past 50 years old.  As a result, he decided to change his life.  The personal journey to lose weight, and, live a healthy lifestyle sparked the idea to start Sun Basket. 

          To end, Sun Basket was founded in April of the year, 2014.  It is headquartered out of San Francisco, California U.S.A.  The Founders are Justine Kelly, and, Adam Zbar.  Justine Kelly, to be specific, is the Executive Chef.  Meanwhile, Adam Zbar is the Chief Executive Officer.  In the year 2016, Sun Basket reported having 400 employees.  The website is,  Adam Zbar as an author, Co-Founder and C.E.O. did release a press statement.  Through a press statement, Mr. Zbar said the following.  “For the first time in my life, I found genuine happiness and sustained success that felt easy and natural.  To living a life that doesn’t feel so intense.  To living a life where doing well and doing good can co-exist.  To living a life where success still takes really hard work but doesn’t always seem just beyond your reach.  To being in the present.  To valuing your loved ones.  To making an impact.  To truly setting yourself free.  I invite you to join me.”  As previously stated, Adam Zbar recently announced that, he has released a non-fiction book.  Zbar’s non-fiction book is entitled, Shine.  Shine intends to communicate two points, to the reader.  The first point is, Zbar’s story about Sun Basket’s creation.  Lastly and the second point is, Zbar’s personal life philosophy, “The Shine Program.”



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