The 20th Year Anniversary of the Science Fiction Fan Favorite; Farscape

(Hollywood, CA) The 20th year anniversary celebration, has begun.  The celebration is for the fan favorite, science-fiction television series; Farscape.  Obviously, the celebration is also for its 20 years, of being in existence.  Farscape originally premiered on the SyFy cable television channel, on March 19th, 1999.  Cumulatively, this television series is comprised of 4 seasons, and, 88 episodes.  Additionally, the broadcast years are 1999 to 2003.  Recently, The Jim Henson Company announced that, it also celebrated the 20th year anniversary.  Additionally, the celebration was done, through, a video release.  Officially, Farscape is now available on Amazon Prime Video.  The previously said occurred on, March 19th, 2019. 

          On March 19th, 2019, Farscape, became available through Amazon Prime Video in the following countries.  The United States of America, the United Kingdom/Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland are the countries.  Additionally, the video release also included the television mini series that, puts an end cap to Farscape.  This mini series is entitled, Farscape:  The Peacekeeper Wars.  Regrettably and officially, it is two episodes, in total.  The broadcast dates were October 17th, 2004, and, October 18th, 2004.  The Jim Henson Company did conduct licensing initiatives, in honor of the 20th year anniversary.  The licensing initiatives include the release of special edition vinyl soundtracks, and, collectible items.  The music record labels, Music.Film and Varèse Saraband, will each be releasing vinyl albums.  The release of these vinyl albums, is expected sometime this summer.  Chronicle Collectibles, Toy Vault and Trevco will each be releasing collectible items.

          Farscape is officially categorized under the adventure, drama and science fiction genre.  It is rated TV-14, and, the episodes are 50 minutes long.  The creator is Rockne S. O’Bannon.  Farscape is headlined by Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Anthony Simcoe.  This television series is recognized for its masterful combination of live action cinematography, digital visual effects, state of the art puppetry and prosthetics.  The last two items originate from the famed, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.  The brief synopsis is as follows.  John Crichton is an astronaut.  Additionally, he has embarked upon an experimental space mission.  Unexpectedly, at the beginning of this experimental space mission, something goes wrong.  John Crichton is hurled across a thousand galaxies, to an alien world.  John Crichton does attempt to return to the Planet Earth.  However, he ends up aboard a starship.  This starship is populated by alien creatures who, are also, escaping political prisoners.  To make things worse, Peacekeepers are now chasing after John Crichton.  Peacekeepers, is an alien race of mercenaries.  Additionally, they won’t stop until, John Crichton is captured.

          To end, The Jim Henson Company did release a press statement.  Brian Henson is the Chairman of The Jim Henson Company.  Additionally, he was an Executive Producer of the television series, Farscape.  Through a press statement, Mr. Henson said the following.  Farscape is one of my most favorite productions, and I am so honored by the ‘Scapers’ who continue to love it and share it with other sci-fi fans.  Premiering the series and the beautiful HD remastered mini-series on Prime Video is a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary with the Farscape community.”  As previously stated, The Jim Henson Company recently announced that, it also celebrated the 20th year anniversary of the aforementioned television series.  Additionally, the celebration was done, through, a video release.  Officially, Farscape is now available on Amazon Prime Video.  Lastly, the latter occurred on, March 19th, 2019.



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