The Hotel Rosewood Miramar Beach Opens for Business

(Montecito, CA) The mystique of Santa Barbara County, California U.S.A., is very alluring.  The fact that it is located north of, Los Angeles County and Orange County, helps to make the allure even more palpable.  The palpable components of charm and glamour that, make up Santa Barbara County’s mystique, are intoxicating in reference to being a travel destination.  Additionally, Santa Barbara County as a travel destination, has just added one more expensive hotel to its list of lodging properties.  Recently; Rosewood Hotel and Resorts, LLC announced that the hotel, Rosewood Miramar Beach, is officially open for business.  The aforementioned hotel, opens as a luxury destination for worldwide discerning travelers. 

          These discerning travelers, or the travelers with discriminating tastes, should feel comfortable staying at the Rosewood Miramar Beach.  This is due to the fact that, the aforementioned hotel, stays true and committed to the Rosewood brand.  As a brand; Rosewood hotels, attempts to create lodging properties that embody the unique fabric, of the surrounding community.  The end result, according to the Rosewood brand, is an authentic travel destination.  This authentic travel destination is geared towards the local residents, and, international tourists.  For example; the local residents, are encouraged to feel comfortable, with the hotel amenities.  These hotel amenities, then become, part of their lives as residents of the surrounding area or community.  For this specific hotel; Rosewood Hotel and Resorts, LLC is the manager of the hotel property, and, business operations.  Sonia Cheng is the Chief Executive Officer of the Rosewood Hotel Group of the Rosewood Hotel and Resorts, LLC.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Cheng said the following.  Rosewood Miramar Beach is the pinnacle of design, setting and service.  It is a true jewel not only in the rich hospitality landscape of Montecito and Santa Barbara, but across the globe.  Guests will delight in the relaxed atmosphere of coastal California while enjoying Rosewood’s intuitive service and our modern, ultra-luxury approach to the resort experience.”

          Specifically, the hotel Rosewood Miramar Beach is owned by, Rick Caruso.  Mr. Caruso is a billionaire businessman, and, philanthropist.  Mr. Caruso is headquartered out of Los Angeles California, U.S.A.  For real estate, Rick Caruso does business out of, Caruso.  The latter was correct, the business name is only, Caruso.  As the owner of the Rosewood Miramar Beach, Rick Caruso did release a press statement.  Through a press statement, Mr. Caruso said the following.  Rosewood Miramar Beach is the culmination of years of hard work and dedicated service to the Montecito community.  What makes Miramar Beach so special, beyond the incomparable setting, is its history as a beloved icon of hospitality—it’s simply embedded in the land.  We’re honored to now usher in a new era of hospitality and welcome locals and travelers back to this cherished retreat.” 

          In keeping with the concepts of the Rosewood brand, the idea for the Rosewood Miramar Beach, is an authentic Montecito Estate.  As a result, this lodging property is residential through, its architectural style.  The effort is to give the hotel guest, the feel that he or she, is being hosted at a private estate home.  The amenities include 161, super luxury hotel guestrooms and suites.  The latter; does include those famous beachfront guestrooms, and, beachfront bungalows.  At its essence; the Rosewood Miramar Beach is a balance of style, grace and glamour.  For the local residents, there are 28,000 ft² of indoor and outdoor event space.  The Chandelier Room, and, the Great Lawn each offer the local residents their unique view of the ocean.  Overall, the Rosewood Miramar Beach is intended to be a place where the local residents celebrate, life’s special moments.  Sean Carney is the Managing Director of the Rosewood Miramar Beach.  Through a press statement, Mr. Carney said the following.  “Combining the comforts and intimacy of a family home with the world-class amenities and seamless service of a luxury resort, Rosewood Miramar Beach has been meticulously designed to provide both guests and locals with an experience unlike any other.  We feel incredibly privileged to continue the legacy of the former Miramar by the Sea and bring to the Montecito community a new ultra-luxurious retreat and a past sense of the magic that was—and will be—Miramar Beach.”

          To end; this particular hotel, Rosewood Miramar Beach, does check-in at 4:00 pm.  Additionally, check-out is at 10:30 am.  This hotel; is also considered to be the type of hotel that has private parking for $40 dollars a day, sits on a beachfront location, has a 24 hour front desk and has exquisite cuisine.  The Rosewood Miramar Beach, is located on 1759 S. Jameson Lane, Montecito, CA 93108.  The telephone number is (805) 900-8388.  The website is  As previously stated; Rosewood Hotel and Resorts, LLC recently announced that the hotel, Rosewood Miramar Beach, is officially open for business.  Lastly, the aforementioned hotel opens as a luxury destination, for worldwide discerning travelers.



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