Memverge Launches a Beta Program

(San Jose, CA) Already, the Memverge reputation is based on its ability to meet the needs that, are derived from excruciatingly heavy workloads.  This good reputation is the result of, highly respected proprietary technology solutions.  For example; there is the proprietary all flash based technology solution, and, there is also the hyperconverged infrastructure (H.C.I.) technology solution.  For the previous, both were created and further developed by, Memverge.  Throughout this entire time, another heavy workload need, kept emerging.  This emerging need was the boundaries that result, between, memory and storage.  Fortunately, Memverge stayed true to its reputation.  Recently, Memverge revealed that, it has created a Memory Converged Infrastructure (M.C.I.) technology solution.  The latter is powered by, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory.  The overall effort of everything is, a Beta Program.  This Beta Program will officially become operational in June, of the year 2019.  Additionally; business colleagues have already taken notice, and, they have commented.

          The comments from Memverge’s business colleagues, are positive in nature and additionally, the comments express excitement about alleviating heavy data centric enterprise workloads.  Specifically, the Memverge Memory Converged Infrastructure (M.C.I.) aims at delivering, to the business to business customer the following.  It aims at delivering memory and storage as a service, to its customers, from a single distributed platform.  This platform is simultaneously and seamlessly integrated, into, existing applications.  The latter, gives businesses the ability to process the constant flood of machine generated data.  This machine generated data; is very common in today’s on-demand economy, and, computer technology ecosystem.  In other words; Memverge’s M.C.I. permits data intensive A.I., machine learning, the internet of things, big data analytics and data warehousing to be done at memory speed.  The effort of everything, will culminate, in a Beta Program.  Mike Leone is a Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.  Through a press statement, Mr. Leone said the following.  “Data-intensive applications are pushing traditional enterprise infrastructures beyond their limits, especially as organizations scramble to incorporate next-generation technology like AI into their businesses.  Edge environments are struggling to keep up, between demanding capacity and processing requirements, the speed at which data must be moved, and the management of all of it.”  Mike Leone also said.  “Combining the power of new persistent memory with a modern hyperconverged infrastructure, MemVerge’s Memory-Converged Infrastructure offers a compelling solution for the field of AI and machine learning at the edge, making it possible to meet the real-time requirements of next-generation workloads while satisfying the fast-paced, dynamic needs of the business.”

          As previously said, everything is powered by Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory.  The latter, is a recent technology innovation.  Additionally, it collapses the memory storage barrier, at the hardware level.  For the Memverge M.C.I., the Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory permits the following.  It permits ten times the memory size, concurrent with, ten times the input/output (I/O) speed.  This fact, has also been compared to, other technology solutions on the marketplace.  For A.I. use, the Memverge M.C.I., allows computer technology businesses to develop larger A.I. models at a faster pace.  Additionally, resource use is low; allowing predictability when running complex workloads.  Returning to; input/output, the aforementioned is communication between an information processing system, and, the outside world.  The input part, is the data signals that are received by the system.  The output part, is the data signals that are sent from the system.  On the practical side, the Memverge Memory Converged Infrastructure, puts persistent memory in the hands of the computer technology business.  For the previously stated, there are three essential things to consider.  The first thing to consider is, massive and complex applications, will be able to, operate smoothly.  Additionally, these massively complex applications can operate at memory speed.  The second thing to consider is, random access and sequential access, are equally fast.  The third thing to consider is, the Memverge M.C.I. offers greater data center reliability.  The latter, is possible due to its long lasting system design.  Alper Ilkbahar is the Vice President and General Manager of Datacenter Memory and Storage Solutions at Intel.  Through a press statement, Mr. Ilkbahar said the following.  Intel Optane DC persistent memory is a breakthrough in memory capacity, data persistence and affordability.  Collaborating with innovative companies like MemVerge, this revolutionary technology is poised to trigger a whole new level of data analytics and machine learning in the data-centric era.” 

          As previously said; Memverge’s business colleagues have taken notice, and, they have commented.  Deepak Agarwal is the Vice President of A.I. at Linkedin.  Through a press statement, Mr. Agarwal said the following.  “AI powers customer-centric innovation at LinkedIn, from the personalized experiences we provide to our members to behind-the-scenes service optimization.  Over 610 million people around the world depend on us for social networking, contextually-relevant news and job recommendations.  The demanding AI systems built by our team push the envelope on AI infrastructure.”  Deepak Agarwal also said.  “The collaboration with MemVerge opens up new possibilities to realize enhanced AI performance.  We look forward to continuing this exciting technical exploration.”

          Long Wang is the Vice President and General Manager of Big Data and A.I. Services at Tencent Cloud.  Through a press statement, Mr. Wang said the following.  “As an industry leader and global pioneer of innovative, digital-based technology solutions, we are always striving to improve quality of life through internet value-added services.  It’s clear from our POC of MemVerge technology that it can enable us to more efficiently and consistently deliver our cloud service to a growing number of enterprise customers.”  Long Wang also said.  “The memory-speed processing power of MemVerge’s Memory-Converged Infrastructure has proven unique value in accelerating speed of OLAP services and combined with the fact that we can store data on the same system, it has huge potential to be a compelling part of the foundation for our next-generation cloud-based data warehouse to provide our services to customers more effectively well into the future.”

          Dennis Weng is the Vice President of Big Data Platform at  Through a press statement, Mr. Weng said the following.  “As one of the world’s largest online retailers, our customers rely on us for a flawless end-to-end shopping experience.  Entering the next phase of growth, we’ve been searching for a solution that could enhance the performance of data analytics by shortening the time to insights.”  Dennis Weng also said.  “We have a highly sophisticated infrastructure, and MemVerge has exceeded our expectations.  We have enjoyed the collaboration during this POC and expect the MemVerge technology to bring an even better experience for shoppers.”

          To end, Memverge did release a press statement.  Charles Fan is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Memverge.  Through a press statement, Mr. Fan said the following.  “The data center is ready for a revolution, and at MemVerge we believe that the future of storage is memory.  The commercial availability of Intel’s Optane DC persistent memory allows the storage and memory functions to come together for the first time in the history of computing.”  Charles Fan also said.  “With MemVerge, companies can take full advantage of the larger memory capacity and unprecedented fast I/O from the persistent memory, without changing their application programming models.  This new architecture will revolutionize the infrastructure for all data-centric workloads in the next decade and beyond.”  As previously stated, Memverge recently revealed that, it has created a Memory Converged Infrastructure (M.C.I.) technology solution.  The latter is powered by, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory.  The overall effort of everything is, a Beta Program.  This Beta Program will officially become operational in June, of the year 2019.  Lastly and additionally, business colleagues took notice and commented.



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