The Hotel San Ysidro Ranch Re-Opens to the General Public

(Montecito, CA) It is said that, to be a first time hotel guest, at the hotel San Ysidro Ranch is like joining an exclusive fantasy club.  This exclusive club is best characterized by a 500 acre hotel property.  The membership of fantasy includes a very scenic winding drive that, is lined with 400 year old olive trees.  Additionally, these olive trees are surrounded by fragrant French lavender.  This hotel property of cottages and stone buildings with wooden beams; is exclusively nestled amongst oak trees, eucalyptus trees, lemon trees, pepper trees and jacaranda trees as if it was an intense dream.  As a delightful touch to all of this are the Channel Islands, the Santa Ynez Mountains and a scenic Pacific Ocean.  The vision and exclusive membership end after the first visit; however, a discerning traveler can always return for several more visits.  Recently, the hotel San Ysidro Ranch announced that, it has re-opened to the general public.  The re-opening to the public, is due to the completion, of a construction renovation project.

          The completed construction renovation, of the hotel San Ysidro Ranch, is intended to showcase to the public a stunning fresh look.  However, the stunning fresh look is somewhat of a forced appearance.  The recent Thomas Fire caused a lot of mudslides, as a result, San Ysidro Ranch was closed to the public.  Fifteen months, is the amount of time that, it took to re-open the hotel.  The completed renovation is also highlighted by three newly re-built cottages, and, a new wine cellar.  One of the most popular cottages, on this hotel property, is the Kennedy Cottage.  The Kennedy Cottage is named after John F. Kennedy, and, Jackie Kennedy.  Additionally, this particular cottage is where they stayed, during their honeymoon in the year 1953.  Specifically, it is 2,000 ft² of hand carved stone.  This stone cottage is made up of two bedrooms, and, a gated entrance.  The gated entrance opens onto a large landscaped courtyard.  The courtyard is accentuated by whimsical sculptures.  The living room is decorated with elegant antique furniture.  Classic French doors, open onto a private deck.  This private deck, is also, San Ysidro Ranch’s largest.  Additionally; there is a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean, and, the Channel Islands. 

          The two restaurants of the San Ysidro Ranch are; The Stonehouse, and, Plow & Angel.  Post completion of the construction renovation project, they have remained true and authentic.  Executive Chef Matt Johnson remains in charge, and, he is the visionary behind everything.  The Stonehouse, is a lounge that has a full bar.  Additionally, it has an adjoining dining room.  Flaming entrees are on the menu, and, these menu items are prepared tableside.  Furthermore, The Stonehouse couldn’t be more romantic, post renovation.  Plow & Angel, is a more casual culinary pleasure.  Additionally, regional cuisine and home-style comfort favorites can be ordered here.  For example; macaroni and cheese, and, barbecue ribs.  There is a cozy ambiance, original artwork and stained glass windows.

          This particular hotel, San Ysidro Ranch, does check-in at 3:00 pm.  Additionally, check-out is at 12:00 pm.  This hotel; is also considered to be the type of hotel that is best characterized by stone and wooden beam buildings, has cottages instead of hotel guestrooms, serves a free continental breakfast and has antique furniture and artwork.  Furthermore, this hotel is a luxury boutique hotel.  San Ysidro Ranch, is located on 900 San Ysidro Lane, Montecito, CA 93108.  The telephone number is (805) 565-1700.  The website is  

          To end, San Ysidro Ranch did release a press statement.  Ty Warner is the Owner of the hotel San Ysidro Ranch.  Through a press statement, Mr. Warner said the following.  “San Ysidro Ranch is a special place where one can indulge the senses and invigorate the soul; it is a slice of Heaven unlike anywhere else in the world.  The Ranch prides itself on the history, the beauty and the spirit of this special property.  We all have worked diligently to restore it to be better than ever.”  Incidentally, the hotel San Ysidro Ranch, is owned by, Ty Warner Hotels & Resorts.  As previously stated; the aforementioned Montecito, Santa Barbara County U.S.A. hotel announced that, it has re-opened to the general public.  Lastly, the re-opening to the public, is due to the completion of a construction renovation project.



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