Tibit Communications, Inc. Secures $20 Million USD in a Series B Funding Round

(Petaluma, CA) Technically, a passive optical network (P.O.N.), is a telecommunications technology solution.  This technology solution is used to provide fiber, to the end consumer connection.  Specifically, a passive optical network is set apart by its ability to implement a point to multipoint architecture.  For the architecture, un-powered fiber optic splitters are used to enable, a single optical fiber.  This single optical fiber is used, to serve multiple end points.  For the business implementation, the end points are often times individual customers.  Carrier businesses are also included, in the previously stated.  Tibit Communications, Inc., is a computer technology business that; is up and in the front of fundamentally changing the architecture, and, economics of passive optical network solutions.  Recently, Tibit Communications, Inc. revealed that, it has secured $20 million USD in a Series B funding round.  The most noteworthy new investor is, Intel Capital of the Intel Corporation. 

          Intel Capital of the Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:  INTC), as the most noteworthy new investor, will contribute funding for the following three things.  The first thing, is the development of next generation access devices for passive optical networking (P.O.N.).  The second thing, is Tibit Communications’ market expansion.  The market expansion will be characterized by the commercial launch of the, Tibit Micro Plug O.L.T.  The Tibit Micro Plug O.L.T., is currently Tibit Communications’ flagship product.  O.L.T. is the acronym for, optical line terminal.  The third thing, is the acceleration of research and development (R&D).  The R&D effort, is to be able to develop additional pluggable P.O.N. technology solutions, or, products.  Additionally, these types of technology solutions or products are planned to be released late, in the year 2019.  Returning to, a passive optical network (P.O.N.), the aforementioned when it has been split to end points is used for individual customers.  As opposed to provisioning individual fibers; the P.O.N. is used between the hub center, and, the customers.  Passive optical networks are often referred to as, the last mile.

          Dave Flanagan is the Vice President of the Intel Corporation.  Additionally, he is also the Senior Managing Director of Intel Capital.  Through a press statement, Mr. Flanagan said the following.  “At Intel Capital, we look to invest in disruptors—and delivering broadband access via a standard Ethernet switch is highly disruptive.  Instead of expensive dedicated hardware boxes with proprietary software tied to a single vendor, users can access a broadband onramp managed virtually from the cloud to the home or office.  This enables significant savings of cost and power and opens market opportunities to innovation.” 

          To end, The Tibit Micro Plug O.L.T., is a complete network access device for 10 gigabit optical networking.  The latter, is able to reduce the amount of application specific hardware that is needed for network deployments.  Additionally, the standard SFP+ form factor allows devices to be plugged in, into, almost any 10G switch port.  For carrier businesses, this greatly expands the architecture options.  The architecture options are supported by the Tibit ASIC architecture bridge, and as a result used through; the Tibit I.T.U.-T, and, the Tibit I.E.E.E. 10G passive optical network.  Richard Stanfield is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Tibit Communications, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Stanfield said the following.  “The reception from our switch vendor partners and global carriers to our 2018 launch of the MicroPlug OLT has been tremendous.  The interest in deploying the Tibit solution across a variety of switch environments is a strong validation of the flexibility we’ve engineered into our solution.”  As previously stated, Tibit Communications, Inc. recently revealed that, it has secured $20 million USD in a Series B funding round.  Lastly, the most noteworthy new investor is, Intel Capital of the Intel Corporation.



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