IBM Signs Agreement to Re-Sell Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS

(Campbell, CA) In the computer software world, Panzura, is respectfully known for its multiple cloud file services.  The latter enables other computer software businesses to migrate apps, consolidate data, collaborate on projects and analyze data patterns.  Most commonly, Freedom Cloud NAS does the heavy work, for the aforementioned features.  Freedom Cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS) is available to computer software businesses, across more than 7,500 sites.  33 foreign countries, is also, included in the previously stated.  Furthermore; businesses like Fluor, Skidmore, Sony, Avis, American College of Radiology, Live Nation, Daimler, AFConsult and Chevron use Panzura’s cloud file services.  Recently, Panzura revealed that, it signed an agreement with the IBM Corporation.  The agreement, to be more exact, is to re-sell Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS.  The IBM Corporation, will in turn, use Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS, in its proprietary storage technology solution.    
            The proprietary storage technology solution, of the IBM Corporation, post-Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS will be best characterized by the following.  The ability to deliver high performance enterprise file service, the ability to manage exponential growth of unstructured file data, the ability to manage file data at cloud scale and the ability to make data available from any location in the world.  The IBM storage technology solution is named; IBM Cloud Object Storage, or, IBM COS.  Specifically, Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS enables the following, in IBM COS.  It enables the ability to migrate file storage in an uninterrupted manner, the ability to make file based apps cloud compatible, the ability to make file based apps available without having to re-write and the ability to provide single source of truth for converged primary and secondary file data.  For the software business, IBM COS, will be able to deliver the following.  High performance NFS/SMB file services, integrated backup, cloud DR protection, data protection, encrypted data while in flight, encrypted data while at rest, infinite scale, the ability to conduct automated API driven workflows and the ability to conduct advanced search and analytics.
            Returning to, Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS.  The aforementioned intends to be a complete technology solution.  Through the consolidation and management of the rapid growth of unstructured NFS, SMB and object data into the cloud; Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS proves to be unique.  Additionally, the unique feature, is also, best exemplified through the ability to do things without re-writing applications.  Primarily, it is a software defined platform.  For the aforementioned; it is best for primary data consolidation, real-time collaboration, automatic cloud backup and disaster recovery.
            To end, Panzura did release a press statement.  Patrick Harr is the Chief Executive Officer of Panzura.  Through a press statement, Mr. Harr said the following.  “With unstructured data accounting for 80 percent of all data created by 2020, enterprise companies looking to unlock the power of that data require the scale and durability of a modern object store with the performance and features of a traditional NAS solution.”  Patrick Harr also said.  “Panzura is the only enterprise high-performance file services solution built for IBM COS.  Our partnership with IBM enables enterprise customers to easily migrate their file-based applications without rewrite, converge their primary and secondary storage and collaborate globally from a single, scalable platform.”  As previously stated, Panzura recently revealed that, it signed an agreement with the IBM Corporation (NYSE:  IBM).  The agreement, to be more exact, is to re-sell Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS.  Lastly; the IBM Corporation, will in turn, use Panzura Freedom Cloud NAS in its proprietary storage technology solution.

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