Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. Hires a New President of Nashville Music and Business Strategy

(Los Angeles, CA) It is frequently said that, music is the universal language, in Nashville Tennessee U.S.A.  For this reason, Nashville, is referred to as the Music City.  Additionally, everyone is always welcome in the Music City.  The summer also brings with it an immense amount of enthusiasm.  The enthusiasm is centered on the possibility of music, food, arts, family activities and outdoor activities that don’t appear to have limits.  In other words, once the music fever has manifested, Nashville is the perfect summer home for the universal language; music.  The music genres do include country, bluegrass, rock, pop, Americana, gospel, classical, jazz and blues.  Recently, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. announced that, it too has the music city fever.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has hired a new President of Nashville Music and Business Strategy.  The new President is Sally Williams.

          Sally Williams; as the new President of Nashville Music and Business Strategy, will begin performing her job duties and tasks, on September 9th, 2019.  Additionally, she will report directly to, Bob Roux.  Mr. Bob Roux is the current President of U.S. Concerts.  The first task on the list, for Ms./Mrs. Williams, is the continuation of the current business growth.  Continuing with this line of thought; Sally Williams, arrives at Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. after almost 20 years at Ryman Hospitality Properties, and, the Opry Entertainment Group.  From February 2017 to the present time, she has performed the following two job title positions.  Senior Vice President of Programming and Artist Relations, and, General Manager of the Grand Ole Opry are the two previously mentioned; job title positions.  Whilst performing those two job title positions; Sally Williams oversaw the booking, the programming, the artist relations, the artist collaborations and the actual show productions for all of the venues of the business.  The venues include Grand Ole Opry, Grand Ole Opry House, Ryman Auditorium and Ole Red.  Overall, Sally Williams has received high levels of praise for her professional and business, savvy.  In particular, she has been awarded the following awards or recognitions; Pollstar’s Facility Executive of the Year, Academy of Country Music’s Don Romeo Talent Buyer of the Year, Academy of Country Music’s Promoter of the Year and the TJ Martell Frances Preston Outstanding Music Industry Achievement Award.  Sally Williams did release a press statement.  Through a press statement, Ms./Mrs. Williams said the following.  “For decades, Nashville has not only been my home, but also my passion.  It’s been a privilege to be in the middle of such incredible growth and I’m excited about what’s on the horizon.  Live Nation has built a strong business here and has a terrific team in place.  It will be an honor to collaborate with them to create world class experiences for fans and artists here in Nashville and beyond.”

          Returning to the job title position, President of Nashville Music and Business Strategy; the aforementioned job title position, plays an integral role in Live Nation’s Nashville strategy.  As a result; the person who holds this job title position is responsible for the venue, and, client development.  In order to do this, Sally Williams will be in charge of the programming and the marketing, of Live Nation’s concerts for the Nashville area.  Additionally; she will also have to collaborate with Nashville based music artists, in order, to execute the individual music artist’s worldwide vision and goals.  The concert venues that Sally Williams will be responsible for are; the Ascend Amphitheater, the Quarry and The Brooklyn Bowl.

          To end, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:  LYV) did release a press statement.  Bob Roux is the President of U.S. Concerts at Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Roux said the following.  “Sally is a Nashville music industry icon, and the perfect executive to oversee Live Nation’s growing footprint in Nashville.  She’s spent decades contributing to the success of Nashville artists, venues, and events, and certainly the community itself, and we’re extremely fortunate to have someone with her industry knowledge and dedication to live music join our company.”  As previously stated, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. recently announced that, it too has the music city fever.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has hired a new President of Nashville Music and Business Strategy.  Lastly, the new President is Sally Williams.



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