Epson America, Inc. Launches Two Laser Projectors; August 2019

(Long Beach, CA) In essence, a laser projector, is a promise.  The promise is that it will project brighter images, better colors and a wider assortment of colors.  The actual functionality, is based on projecting changing laser beams, on a screen.  These changing laser beams, create a moving image.  For the most part, entertainment is the use or purpose of everything.  Additionally; professional use in conference rooms, auditoriums and live events is also the intended use or purpose.  The essential components or parts include lasers, mirrors, galvanometer scanners and other types of optical components.  Recently; Epson America, Inc. announced that, it has a line of laser projectors that, have 9,000 lumens of brightness.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has launched two new laser projectors.  Technically, the new laser projectors are; the Epson Pro L1490U, and, the Epson Pro L1495U.

          The Epson Pro L1495U, and, the Epson Pro L1490U as the two newest laser projectors; can also be described in the following way.  The white version, and, the black version is the description.  Indeed, the Epson Pro L1490U is the white version.  Meanwhile, the Epson Pro L1495U is the black version.  However and returning to, the laser projector, the aforementioned has two light sources.  The first light source is, a single color projection light source.  The second light source is; three light sources for red, green and blue (R.G.B.).  Home entertainment laser projectors are recognized for having deeper, and, richer colors.  This new fact, is something that older home entertainment projectors, could not do.  The human eye, coincidentally, when it processes the newly created vast range of colors; makes everything a pleasurable experience.

          Returning to, the Epson Pro L1490U and the Epson Pro L1495U, the aforementioned are laser projectors.  Additionally; they are designed to be used specifically in conference rooms, auditoriums and at live events.  The headline is state of the art laser projectors that; come fully equipped with a powerful 3 chip technology, 3 L.C.D., has WUXGA resolution and has 4K enhancement technology.  Specifically, the newest laser projectors from Epson America, Inc., are set apart by the following nine key advantages.  The nine key advantages are:  brighter visual display system; exceptional full H.D. widescreen display; worry free operation; dynamic projection capabilities; advanced connectivity; 10 optional interchangeable lenses; flexible installation; remote management & control tools and image correction camera.  In reference to, brighter visual display system, the aforementioned is 9,000 lumens of color and white brightness.  The previous, is capable of reproducing vibrant and rich colors.  In reference to, exceptional full H.D. widescreen display, the aforementioned is WUXGA (1920x1200).  Additionally, it is 4K compatible.  In reference to, worry free operation, the aforementioned is a single laser light source.  Additionally, there is an electrostatic air filter.  The goal is maintenance free operations for about, 20,000 hours.  In reference to, dynamic projection capabilities, the aforementioned is the following.  Advanced built-in edge blending, image warping and curved surface correction technology are the dynamic projection capabilities.  In reference to, advanced connectivity, the aforementioned is supporting various types of inputs.  3G-SDI, HDBase T, H.D.M.I., D.V.I.-D., V.G.A., 5-BNC and Stereo Mini are seven examples of the various types of inputs.  In reference to, 10 optional interchangeable lenses, the aforementioned is the ability to purchase up to 10 types of interchangeable lenses.  In reference to; flexible installation, the aforementioned is versatility, and, capable of installation in any type of environment.  In reference to, remote management & control tools, the aforementioned is the following.  The remote management & control tools are; software that allows for easy internet based monitoring, and, a multiple projector setup.  In reference to, image correction camera, the aforementioned is an automatic adjustment.  The automatic adjustment is of colors and brightness, and, the goal is to match other projectors in a multiple projector arrangement.

          To end, Epson America, Inc. (TYO:  6724) did release a press statement.  Ramzi Shakra is the Product Manager of Large Venue Projectors at Epson America, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Shakra said the following.  “We are excited to add these new sleek and powerful 9,000 lumen laser solutions to our impressive Pro L Series projector lineup.  Designed with ease in mind, the new models provide versatility and worry-free operation, along with true-to-life imagery to meet the needs of the most demanding environments.”  As previously stated; Epson America, Inc. recently announced that, it has a line of laser projectors that, have 9,000 lumens of brightness.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has launched two new laser projectors.  Technically, the new laser projectors are; the Epson Pro L1490U, and, the Epson Pro L1495U.  Lastly, the Epson Pro L1490U has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of, $13,700 USD.  The Epson Pro L1495U has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of, $13,700 USD.



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Epson Pro L1490U

Epson Pro L1495U


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