Fossil Group, Inc. Launches Two Lines of Smart Watches

(Richardson, TX) The Fossil Group, Inc. takes pride in the fact that; it possesses an endless spirit, an innovative spirit and a serious sense of humor.  After the fit of pride, the Fossil Group, Inc. never stops short, until it arrives at excellence.  Interestingly enough; consumers have taken notice, and, they do feel inspired by watches that are manufactured by the Fossil Group, Inc.  Storytellers, idea makers, explorers, collaborators, game changers and disruptors are good examples of these consumers.  Recently, the Fossil Group, Inc. announced that, it has something else that consumers are going to love.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has launched two lines of smart watches.  Technically, the two lines are; Next-Gen Smart Watches, and, the Hybrid Smart Watches.

          The Hybrid Smart Watches, and, the Next-Gen Smart Watches as the two newly launched lines of smart watches; are indeed proprietary technology.  Fascinatingly; the chosen software platform, for these smart watches is, Wear OS by Google.  However and returning to; the Fossil Group, Inc., the aforementioned also likes to believe in and envision, the future.  A future; in other words that is more connected, more active and more inspired.  In order to arrive at the future, the aforementioned business, pushes boundaries.  The boundaries that are boldly tossed aside, are design and technology.  The end result, are watches and smart watches that, are the best in the world.  In turn, these best watches also become, the best brands.  These best brands are Fossil, Michele, Misfit, Relic, Skagen, Zodiac, Armani Exchange, BMW, Chaps, Diesel, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Puma and Tory Burch.

          Returning to, the two new lines of smart watches, the aforementioned are proprietary technology.  Additionally, the two lines are intended to be innovative watch designs that have, enhanced capabilities.  The first line, Next-Gen Smart Watches, is a standard line of touchscreen watches.  This line has already been launched; incidentally.  The brand for this line, is Fossil.  The second line, Hybrid Smart Watches, has the functionality of a touchscreen smart watch.  However, these watches have the look and feel, of a classic watch.  This line is planned to be launched, during the 2019 holiday season.  The brands for this line, are three soon to be named brands, of the Fossil Group family of brands.  Irregardless of the brand, the two lines of smart watches, are given definition by the following six features.  The six features are extended battery life, voice calling, microphone & swimproof speaker, increased storage, experiences and processor.  In reference to, extended battery life, the aforementioned is an app that enables four battery modes.  The four battery modes are; daily, extended, time-only and custom.  Additionally, the standard charge is one hour.  In reference to; voice calling, the aforementioned is a speaker, and, a proprietary app.  This app enables iPhone users to make and receive telephone calls, using the smart watch that is being worn.  In reference to; microphone & swimproof speaker, the aforementioned eliminates a sound dampening mesh barrier that, keeps out water.  The benefit is that microphone and speaker functions, are uninterrupted.  In reference to, increased storage, the aforementioned is a technological advancement or enhancement.  Specifically; it doubles the storage memory, and, the random access memory (R.A.M.).  The former is 8 GB, whilst, the latter is 1 GB of R.A.M.  In reference to, experiences, the aforementioned uses the previously mentioned enhanced memory capabilities.  In order to accomplish this effort, the Fossil Group, Inc. decided to pre-install apps.  Cardiogram, Spotify and Noonlight are three examples of the pre-installed apps.  In reference to, processor, the aforementioned is an upgraded processor.  Officially, it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100.

          To end, Fossil Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:  FOSL) did release a press statement.  Greg McKelvey is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Commercial Officer of the Fossil Group, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. McKelvey said the following.  “We’ve made multi-day battery life for touchscreen smartwatches possible with one touch—a disruptor for smartwatches on the Wear OS by Google platform.  And, we’re leading the industry on Wear OS by Google by enabling tethered phone calls for iPhone users.  Both advancements are the result of our unrelenting focus on advancing wearable technology.  We’ll continue to integrate the latest tech features our customers need with the styles they love.”  Greg McKelvey also said.  “We’re closely aligned with our partners at Google to ensure we’re constantly iterating within the Wear OS by Google platform to deliver the most desired smartwatch features and benefits.  We listened to our customers and knew that longer battery life and tethered iPhone calls were essential in our nextgen products.”  As previously stated, the Fossil Group, Inc. recently announced that, it has something else that consumers are going to love.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has launched two lines of smart watches.  Lastly and technically, the two lines are; Next-Gen Smart Watches, and, the Hybrid Smart Watches.



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