House of Marley, LLC Launches its First Truly Wireless Earbuds; Liberate Air

(Los Angeles, CA) In the year 2008, House of Marley, LLC was launched.  Additionally, it was launched as an apparel and electronics business that, is headquartered out of the United States of America.  Interestingly, this business didn’t feel any limitations, in regards to conventional audio boundaries.  In fact; the conventional audio boundaries that were broken are best characterized by this business’s use of materials, and, commitment to the environment.  As an eco-conscious brand; House of Marley, LLC, believes in sustainable materials, and, donates money to global reforestation efforts.  Obviously and without a doubt, there is a tremendously positive mystique that moves with, House of Marley’s audio products.  Recently, House of Marley, LLC announced that, it can continue to add to the positive mystique.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has launched its first truly wireless earbuds.  Technically, the wireless earbuds are named, Liberate Air.

          Liberate Air, House of Marley’s first truly wireless earbuds, is also an eco-conscious audio product.  Highlighting the eco-conscious features are bamboo, recyclable aluminum and the use of rewind fabric.  However and returning to, House of Marley, LLC, the aforementioned business also decided to break the conventional boundaries of sound.  In other words; the audio products are inspired by Bob Marley, and, the goal of the effort is the Marley “Signature Sound.”  In order, to accomplish the previously said, a high performance audio product was engineered.  The actual performance is a smooth treble, powerful bass, stunningly precise mid level sound and an energized high end sound.  Additionally, all of the product lines go through a comprehensive tuning process.  The tuning process is specifically intended, for this specific product line.  Therefore, House of Marley, LLC is recognized for having audio products that, are also, a music lover’s delight.

          Returning to, Liberate Air, the aforementioned earbud headphones aim at being a sustainable product.  Additionally and affectionately, Liberate Air earbuds also attempt to give the music lover a sustainable sound experience; without sacrificing quality.  To be able to accomplish this effort; bamboo, natural wood fiber composite materials made from sawdust, recyclable aluminum and rewind fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles were tasked into service.  Overall, Liberate Air earbud headphones are set apart by the following six features.  The six features are materials, 9 hours onboard battery life, tap control, active lifestyle design, stereo voice communications and convenient USB-C charging.  In reference to, materials, the aforementioned and as previously said are the following.  Bamboo, natural wood fiber composite materials, recyclable aluminum and rewind fabric are the materials that; set apart the Liberate Air earbud headphones.  In reference to; 9 hours onboard battery life, the aforementioned is another way of saying, 9 hours of battery life.  Additionally, the charging case is capable of 2 ½ additional charges.  Overall; the Liberate Air earbuds are capable of 32 hours of playtime, or, listening time.  In reference to; tap control, the aforementioned is the use of the function, Active Tap Control.  The latter; enables the user to activate play, pause, change tracks or answer a telephone call with one finger.  In reference to, active lifestyle design, the aforementioned is meant for people with active lives.  Additionally, active lives that involve rugged environments, is also, part of the previously stated.  In other words, the Liberate Air earbuds are sweat and water resistant.  They are also rated, IPX4.  In reference to, stereo voice communications, the aforementioned enables a powerful microphone.  Through stereo voice communications the microphone and speakers, deliver a loud and clear, stereo based sound.  In reference to, convenient USB-C charging, the aforementioned is proprietary technology.  This proprietary technology solution, enables the use of any USB-C charger.

          To end, House of Marley, LLC did release a press statement.  Josh Poulsen is the Director of Product Development at House of Marley, LLC.  Through a press statement, Mr. Poulsen said the following.  “The truly wireless market has become a prominent one and we wanted to ensure we provided a sustainably crafted alternative using consciously sourced and recycled materials.  We observed the market focusing on areas for improvement and found the opportunity to propel battery life to 9 hours within true wireless earbuds by using efficient chipsets and designed the Liberate Air to offer a seamless pairing experience.”  As previously stated, House of Marley, LLC recently announced that, it can continue to add to the positive mystique.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has launched its first truly wireless earbuds.  Technically, the wireless earbuds are named, Liberate Air.  Lastly, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $149.99 USD.



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