Rigetti Computing Joins Amazon Web Services

(Berkeley, CA) Technically, Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.) is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc.  Currently, it provides On-demand internet cloud computing platforms and A.P.I.s.  The aforementioned services are available to individual people, businesses and governments.  For example and additionally, these services are metered, and, the user pays for what he or she uses.  Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, is one of the most popular of the aforementioned services.  The latter, gives to the Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.) user a virtual cluster of computers; which are available through the internet at any time.  A major highlight of A.W.S. is the ability to re-create hardware; for example, central processing units (C.P.U.s), graphics processing units (G.P.U.s), RAM memory and hard disk storage.  Additionally, the operating system is the user’s choice.  At the same time and at its Berkeley, California U.S.A., headquarters office; Rigetti Computing is innovating quantum computer systems.  Recently, Rigetti Computing announced that, it believes in its quantum computers.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has joined Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.).  Technically, joining is making available through Amazon Braket, its quantum computer systems.  Additionally, Rigetti Computing has joined the A.W.S. Partner Network. 
            The A.W.S. Partner Network, which now has Rigetti Computing has a member or partner, attempts to be a technology solutions provider.  The objective is to work with enterprise level clients, in order, to develop quantum computing applications.  However and returning to; Rigetti Computing, the aforementioned business is part of, Rigetti & Co., Inc.  As previously said, the aforementioned business builds and is the innovator of, integrated quantum computer systems.  These integrated quantum computer systems are intended for use, on or through the internet cloud.  Additionally; the accompanying software is proprietary technology, and, it is meant to optimize classical hybrid quantum computing.  Rigetti Computing was officially founded in the year, 2013.  The other offices inside the U.S.A. are in Fremont California, and, Washington D.C.  This business does have two international or global offices.  One is in Adelaide, Australia.  Meanwhile, the second is in London, United Kingdom.
            Continuing with, the concept quantum computing, the aforementioned is classified as a study.  Specifically, it is a study of non-classical models of computation.  The idea is that traditional models of computation, are relying on, classical representations of computational memory.  The objective, is to transform the previously mentioned computational memory, into, a quantum superposition of possible classical states.  Fascinatingly, the hardware to all of this is called, a quantum computer.  Therefore, a quantum computer is a device that, could perform the previously mentioned models of computation. 
            Continuing with, Rigetti’s quantum computing systems, the aforementioned will be made available through Amazon Braket services.  Obviously, the latter is part of Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.).  What will be available is Rigetti’s latest quantum computer processors.  These processors are based on 32-qubit superconducting chip technology.  The idea is to integrate quantum capabilities, into, existing architectures of the app.  As part of A.W.S. the quantum computer processors are meant for scientific or industrial applications.  As part of the A.W.S. Partner Network, Rigetti Computing will have an application development team onboard.  This application development team, will work across quantum hardware platforms.  The goal is to develop custom software solutions that; are focused on simulation, optimization and machine learning.  The desired users are organizations in the finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, defense and energy sectors of the economy. 
            Simone Severini is the Director of Quantum Computing at Amazon Web Services, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Severini said the following.  “We believe that opening up access to current stage quantum computers is a crucial step in accelerating the development of useful applications.  That’s why, in designing Amazon Braket, we chose to collaborate with providers like Rigetti, who have built promising technologies that are of interest to our customers.”  Simone Severini also said.  “Together, we can make it easier for researchers to innovate, with the shared goal of realizing the true long-term potential of quantum computing.”   
            To end, Rigetti Computing did release a press statement.  Chad Rigetti is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Rigetti Computing.  Through a press statement, Mr. Rigetti said the following.  “By collaborating with AWS, we will be able to deliver access to our systems to a much broader market and help accelerate the growth of this emerging industry.”  As previously stated, Rigetti Computing recently announced that, it believes in its quantum computers.  Specifically, the aforementioned business revealed that, it has joined Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.).  Technically, joining is making available through Amazon Braket, its quantum computer systems.  Lastly and additionally, Rigetti Computing has joined the A.W.S. Partner Network. 

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