The Revealed Definitive Agreement to Acquire Univision Holdings, Inc.

(Miami, FL; Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY and Mexico City, Mexico) Univision Holdings, Inc. as the proud owner of Univision Communications, Inc., has experienced strong recent growth and performance.  In fact, the recent strong performance can be described in the following four ways.  First, Univision has been a top five broadcast television network, for the last consecutive 16 years.  The latter, is for Hispanic/Latino adults who are 18 to 49, years of age.  Second; for the fourth quarter of the 2019 business year, Univision had a rapidly growing portfolio.  In fact, Univision’s prime time networks where ranked in the U.S.A.’s top 10.  Third; when talking about compared season to date, and in comparison to the same period of time in the past, UniMás had a 41% prime time audience growth.  UniMás is Univision’s second television broadcast network.  Fourth, in the year 2019 Univision aired 61 of the top 100 soccer matches.  The latter, means that Univision is the home to more than half, of all television viewed soccer in the United States of America.  Recently, Searchlight Capital Partners, LP and Forgelight, LLC announced that, they have a definitive agreement to acquire Univision Holdings, Inc.  Specifically, the aforementioned businesses revealed that, they are going to own 64%.  Interestingly, the remaining 36% will be kept by Mexico’s Grupo Televisa, S.A.B.  Regrettably, the details of the definitive agreement to acquire, were not made public.
            The details of the definitive agreement to acquire, which were not made public, include the current owners of Univision Holdings, Inc.  For example and as part of the announcement it was revealed that, the 64% ownership percentage is from “The Sponsor Group.”  The latter, was revealed to include Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, TPG, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Saban Capital Group.  However and returning to; Univision Communications, Inc., the aforementioned contemporary media company, is also known as simply Univision.  As a contemporary media company; it aims to entertain, inform and empower Hispanics/Latinos.  The previously said; is accomplished through news, sports and entertainment media content.  This media content is made available to a viewing audience through broadcast television, cable television, audio platforms and digital platforms.  The portfolio is made up of Univision, UniMás, Galavisión and TUDN.  The first two, are conventional television broadcast networks.  Meanwhile, the third and the fourth are cable television networks.  On a local level, Univision Communications, Inc. is the owner of the following.  It owns and/or operates 65 broadcast television stations, in major Latino markets of the U.S.A.  The aforementioned business, also owns Uforia.  The latter, is Latin music.  Additionally; Uforia owns and/or operates 58 radio stations, 89 affiliate radio stations, a live event series and a wide digital audio footprint.
            Returning to, the definitive agreement to acquire, the aforementioned makes a new set of business partnerships.  The new set of business partnerships is between Grupo Televisa, S.A.B., and, Searchlight Capital Partners, LP & Forgelight, LLC.  As a result, Wade Davis will become the C.E.O. of Univision Holdings, Inc. when the transaction officially closes.  The aforementioned person, is the Founder of Forgelight, LLC.  As far as Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. is concerned, this media company will keep its Program License Agreement.  Additionally, the new Univision Holdings, Inc. will continue to use Televisa’s media content, in the official television programming.  Overall it is hoped that; this new set of business partnerships will be able to accelerate growth, and, expand the portfolio.  In reference to, expand the portfolio, the aforementioned is best characterized in the following way.  Advertising products, a substantially enhanced digital presence and the use of Televisa’s best in class media content is how; expand the portfolio is characterized.  This definitive agreement to acquire is still subject to customary closing conditions.  The latter, includes government regulatory approvals.  Finally, the transaction is expected to be finalized, later on this year. 
            Vince Sadusky is the Chief Executive Officer of Univision Holdings, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Sadusky said the following.  “We are a re-energized and refocused company, and today marks the start of an exciting new chapter with partners that recognize the excellent position Univision is in.  I want to thank our talented employees for their hard work and dedication—I’m so proud of everything we have accomplished that has led us to this great outcome.  Both Searchlight and Wade are wholly supportive of Univision’s core mission to entertain, inform and empower Hispanic America and fully embrace the commitment and special bond we have with our audience.  Our talented operating team has transformed Univision to be strategically, operationally and financially stronger than it has been in years.  We have made important moves—strengthened programming, secured many major distribution deals, closed our strongest Upfront in four years, divested non-core assets, and enhanced our news, sports, local and digital offerings.  Our partnership with Televisa has never been stronger and continues to create an unstoppable, world-class content machine, as evidenced by Univision being one of only two broadcast groups to grow viewership this season.  Our Latin Grammy Awards and Premio Lo Nuestro are the only major award shows on broadcast television delivering year-over-year audience growth, and just last week Premio Lo Nuestro beat every network in prime time.”  Vince Sadusky also said.  “We are also appreciative of the years of leadership and guidance from Chairman Haim Saban along with the other sponsors, including Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, TPG and Thomas H. Lee Partners, which have been supportive stewards of our business and mission.  I remain committed to leading the company and supporting a smooth and successful transition over the coming months to ensure Univision is best positioned for the future ahead.”
            Haim Saban is the Chairman of the Board of Univision Holdings, Inc.  Through a press statement, Mr. Saban said the following.  “On behalf of the entire Sponsor Group, we are confident that we have found the right path forward with Searchlight and ForgeLight.  Our goal in launching a comprehensive strategic review was to ensure that Univision was best positioned for future growth and success, and we believe this is the ideal outcome.  Univision serves a critical purpose, and the value its programming brings to audiences, partners and communities is immeasurable.  We are proud of all that Univision stands for and how much the company has accomplished over the years, and we look forward to seeing Univision continue to grow and evolve under Searchlight and Wade Davis’ leadership as it enters this exciting new chapter.”
            Bernardo Gomez is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B.  Additionally; Alfonso de Angoitia is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B.  Through a joint press statement, Mr. Gomez and Mr. de Angoitia said the following.  “Televisa’s decision to maintain its partnership and ownership stake in Univision strongly reflects our deep confidence in Searchlight and Wade’s leadership, as well as the continued positive outlook we have for Univision as a long-term strategic investment.  Univision is an outstanding media organization that will now be even better positioned to pursue its path forward towards innovation and growth.  We view this transaction as a strong vote of confidence by Univision’s new owners in Televisa’s insight, creativity and its place as an undisputed leader in producing high-quality Spanish-language content targeting a dynamic and growing audience demographic.”
            To end, Searchlight Capital Partners, LP and Forgelight, LLC did release press statements.  Eric Zinterhofer is the Founding Partner of Searchlight Capital Partners, LP.  Through a press statement, Mr. Zinterhofer said the following.  “Univision has a proven track record of success in reaching and serving the U.S. Hispanic community, who represent 1 in 5 Americans and growing.  Most recently, Univision and its talented employees have made great strides under the leadership of Vince Sadusky and the stewardship of Chairman Haim Saban and the full Sponsor Group.  The strong support of Televisa, a premier content producer in the Spanish speaking world, and Wade Davis, a proven executive in areas which include advanced advertising and digital distribution, further enhances our confidence in Univision’s bright future.”  Wade Davis is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Forgelight, LLC.  Through a press statement, Mr. Davis said the following.  “First, I would like to thank the Sponsor Group for their work to bring Univision to where it is today and for choosing us to take the company forward.  I am proud to partner with Searchlight and Televisa to lead Univision at such an exciting point in its history.  Univision’s leadership and connection with one of the most important audiences in the U.S. today creates an amazing platform to drive innovation, build market-defining content and create an even deeper relationship with its audience.  Vince and the entire Univision team have done an outstanding job of refocusing the company over the past 18 months, which has further enhanced the company’s position as a market leader in Spanish-language media and created this incredible opportunity going forward.”  Wade Davis also said.  “I am honored to be partnering with Televisa and Searchlight to help steward Univision into this next phase.  Televisa has a shared history with Univision dating back many years and a deep strategic relationship today.  The context, insight and strategic content that Televisa brings to Univision have been key to the company’s success.  I have worked with Searchlight as a limited partner, board member and friend since the team founded the firm.  They are among the smartest and most value additive investors in our industry and there is no one I would rather partner with in this transaction.  This group of owners will be able to support the incredible team at Univision to deliver even more value to its advertisers, distributors and most importantly, its audience.”  As previously stated, Searchlight Capital Partners, LP and Forgelight, LLC recently announced that, they have a definitive agreement to acquire Univision Holdings, Inc.  Specifically, the aforementioned businesses revealed that, they are going to own 64%.  Interestingly, the remaining 36% will be kept by Mexico’s Grupo Televisa, S.A.B.  Lastly and regrettably, the details of the definitive agreement to acquire, were not made public.

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